Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bode Jeffrey's Birthday

On 2/19 we welcomed our little Bode Jeffrey into this world. For the first time I wasn't induced and it was a completely different then the other deliveries.

Bode was born at about 38 weeks and he was born with a little hole in his lung. He was our first baby that was whisked away to the NICU. We were supposed to deliver in a military hospital that didn't have a NICU. My husband had an inkling that we needed to deliver elsewhere. He made it happen and we were in the right place for our Bode to get the help he needed.

We feel so incredibly blessed to have this little guy in our family and that all is well and he is a healthy little boy. Nicole Barker Photography came and took photos of the birth. It was so fun to have her there and when Sam left for the NICU with Bode and I was alone, I was happy she was with me! :)

To view Bode's newborn photos click here!
Bode meeting the family!

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