Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Bird Lady

For my birthday this year Sam bought a chicken coop and put it together for me. Once the coop was set up, he started planning a run and the next step was chickens! He did not want chicks because their mortality rate is too high. So, we went with older chickens. We bought 4 chickens that were around 3 months old. Next he found an ad for chickens that were already laying. We headed over to this amazing lady's house to purchase Freckles and Lola. We had SO much fun at her home. Her and her husband have built everything by hand and their home is super unique. You can see it up there in the distance of the photo below. There are walls all over the property made with old tires and filled with trash.. again see below.

If nothing else, I love life's journey and the people you meet. I don't know if I would ever be a good farmer and I am terrible at handling chickens but it has already been a great adventure. And to me, that is what is most important. I want our kids to have unique experiences and sometimes that means a little more work for me.

Freckles and Lola didn't mix well with our 4 youngins and I ended up driving them back to their home. We have since bought two more chickens that were the same age as ours and we now have one (maybe two) chickens that are laying eggs. Owning chickens got a whole lot cooler for us in the last week!

I wanted to instagram all these pictures but figured a blog post would be better. The evening was gorgeous, the sky unbelievable and the company great. She said to us, "Sorry I only see people about once a week." (Cause she was talking so much!!)

Every one of her birds has a name. Each run has been built and decorated with old pieces of furniture and home decor pieces she has found. One of the pieces above is the heartbreak hotel! These birds and their homes are her life.

Harvey got attacked, literally, by the black and white one in the photo above. He also actually hurt my foot in the process of going for harvey. It was scary and I felt bad for Harvey. Not sure why he was so aggressive.

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