Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Snow Day in Co. Springs November 2015

We are loving having a nice big yard for the kids to play in. Most of all I love that it is entirely fenced. They play all the time out there... no matter the weather. I'm learning that Colorado has a bit too much wind for my liking. These pictures are from two different days and one of the days I went out and literally couldn't even open my eyes to get a pic.
A backyard full of snow is so much better than a sandbox!
For the record, this photo is from a nice sunny day. I thought I was being the best mom ever. I thought he was going to love hanging out in the snow. I was SO wrong! haha! The pictures I got were so worth the effort and even the tears!!! Harvey msg going to love then when he's older.

Trip is our snow bunny. Whenever there is snow he is begging to go outside. If there is no snow he is wishing it was snowy.

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