Thursday, November 12, 2015

Santa's North Pole, Co. Springs, October 2015

Incase you weren't aware, the North Pole is actually located in Colorado Springs. So, if you ever want to come visit, we've got a room for you in our basement and Santa is waiting.. patiently waiting every single day of the year in a little cottage in the mountains in Colorado.

We took the kids to visit this place that we had heard so much about. The setting is unreal. But, this is basically a glorified carnival. It is a bit pricey and the rides will make you sick. Still, the kids had a blast and we spent the entire day there. When we got hungry we ordered hot dogs, nachos, burgers and sodas. We played the carni part to a T.

Santa's North Pole is charming and has some fun touches. I hung on the sidelines most the day with Harvey thanks to the sweet babe in my belly.

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