Friday, February 20, 2015

Washington DC January 2015

Washington DC was a dream come true for me. If I could live in a  little apartment right in the city and go jogging through the national mall every morning of my life, I WOULD! Part of me started secretly dreaming that when all our kids are old and moved out, Sam and I would spend a few years in DC. The history is spectacular and the scenery is breathtaking. Washington DC, I love you!

We would have spent much longer in DC if we could have. We ended up there because we were coming in from Germany. We landed in Baltimore and spent two nights there before we headed back to Utah. Sam, being the amazing man that he is, flew us all the way to Baltimore, spent two days with us there and then turned back around and got on a plane to get back to work in Germany. He did that so I wouldn't have to travel alone with the kids. I love him.

Now, enjoy (or excuse) the way too many pics in this post. 
Train station 

Lincoln Monument

View from Lincoln Monument overlooking the World War 2 Memorial
family pic in front of the Lincoln Monument

family pic in front of the World War 2 Memorial

Servicemen statue at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial 

Rows and rows of names at the Vietnam War Memorial

the White House

Lincoln Memorial from the WW2 Memorial
National Gallery of Art
The Capitol

Train Station

Einsteins stop. We were all starving and the chocolate chip cookies were divine!
The architecture was so, so, so amazing!

Arts and Industries Building

One reason I fell in love with DC is because it has such rich history and unbelievable architecture. I had become so accustomed to that living in Germany and it felt that way in Washington DC.

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