Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Chilly, Charming Day in Germany

We spent a couple of months living in Germany. Homeless (literally) and tired we still made some of the best memories of our lives! I got a new memory card for my camera that was supposed to speed up the picture taking for me. I've notice a bit of an improvement, but not much. It was the new memory card that inspired me to pull out the camera and take some pics of the kids. 

On this day we were stranded in our friends house while Sam had the car and was at work. We were staying in an empty house while these certain friends so generously let us stay in their home while they traveled to Italy for two weeks. 

I took the kids out to enjoy the outdoors and explore their little street. Germany is so gorgeous. Everywhere you look, there is a certain charm that makes my heart want to burst! I love that country and the people so much. I miss it terribly. It was cold, but the sunshine made us happy.

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