Monday, December 15, 2014

Halloween 2014

We didn't actually get to have Sam around for Halloween, but luckily he showed up within the fall/halloween time frame. We got to do a few festive things with him and snag some pictures so we have memories of him during that time. We took the above photo right before we left to take him to the air port. The kids wore their costumes to drop him off.

 We went to Wheeler farm with my sisters, mom and brother in law the week before Harvey showed up. We did the corn maze, picked out pumpkins, saw some cute farm animals and took a hay ride through the farm. It is a beautiful little place in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dad and Harvey!
Our sweet little pumpkin

Halloween night we left a crying Harvey with my parents and I walked the kids around my parents neighborhood. It was the perfect weather. Simply gorgeous outside. When we got back, my Dad said he cried almost the whole time. For some reason we've got a fussy one on our hands.
Londyn and Trip carved a pumpkin with Poppy. 
I made a festive dinner for Halloween night. Mostly funny kid food. I was on whole30 so I ate a healthy pumpkin soup.
At Londyn's preschool they got to paint pumpkins from her teacher's family pumpkin farm. I volunteered that morning so they let Trip do one while we were there!
I love fall and I love Halloween! I want my kids to have special memories of each season and Holiday.

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