Wednesday, November 19, 2014

He's Home!

Okay, where do I begin? This is a big one. A day we will remember forever and ever. Most Army wives are not this lucky. I just knew I would never be this lucky. Shows how much I know. A few days prior to this day, my Dad came into my room and said, "Hey KSL wants to come cover our stocking project and they'd like to interview you." So, I agreed. After he left my room I kept thinking  to myself, "Why would KSL want to cover our stocking project??!?!" It didn't make any sense. You see, we were planning a service project. Money was donated and awesome things were bought and stockings were stuffed. We had our neighborhood sign letters to the soldiers and we had arranged to have a street party where the letters would be signed and people could have donuts and cider. It didn't seem like something a news crew would cover. I started to get more and more wigged out. I told my Dad that I would prefer they interview him. I mean I am 9 months pregnant and the size of a whale. I DO NOT need to be on the news!!!

Well, the day was normal we spent most of the day getting ready for the party. I had made all these little wood blocks to decorate the tables. Did I mention the project was for Sam's unit? My mom had bought the food. I had designed flyers and posters fort the event. We were sticking all our flags in the grass and just, you know, getting ready.
I couldn't get Trip to pose for the pics, but I got some really cute ones of Londyn that day.

The street started filling up and the news people go there. I hadn't gotten out of it. They wired me up and told me to just act natural and answer questions as they were asked. So, I did.

One of Sam's best friends walked up. I was so excited to see him! I thought it was so awesome of him to come support the project, but when he stepped aside, Sam was behind him. I can't tell you what was going through my head. I don't remember! But, it was a shock (of the very best kind). I thought Sam was flying an important mission, and I guess he was- he was on his way to us! One day I will have to make him type up his version of the story. It all fell into place and was truly a miracle. 

It was late and the kids were so tired. Londyn kept asking, "Can everyone go home and can Daddy take his work clothes off. I want to play with him." There were so many people around that we hardly got to talk to him. We were happy it was that way, though, because we were surrounded by people who have offered so much support and love. It was awesome for them to witness this special time and for Sam to get to talk to some of them.
Whenever he gets home, it is like a burden is lifted. I can breathe deeper and I am happier. Duh!
Some amazing people in this photo (minus myself, of course)!
After everyone left we came in and fed the hungry, tired traveler who had spent days waiting around in air ports to get home to us. We also watched ourselves on the news while the cute news lady was in our driveway. It was a crazy, amazing night!

I don't know how long this news clip will  be up on KSL, but here it is!

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