Monday, November 24, 2014

Harvey Hawke's Birthday!

Harvey's birth started out just like the rest! I was DYING to go into labor. I even drank castor oil... something I had attempted in my desperation at the end of my pregnancy with Londyn as well. I had stretch marks that were spreading like wild fire on my butt. They were straight up vertical stripes and everything that was in my all-natural, no-intervetion birth plan went out the window when the doctor asked if I wanted to come in and have her the next morning. It was a major YES! No hesitation at all.
Anyways, back to Harvey.. I was feeling a bit desperate. Here I thought I was going to be having Harvey without Sam and at the last minute the surprise from Afghanistan put major pressure on getting the baby out. We wanted him here so we had more time with Sam after the birth rather than before. Finally at exactly 39 weeks the doc was willing to induce me.

I had a nurse who had been on duty for literally 11 1/2 hours when she attempted to put my IV in. She failed multiple times and even though I have the easiest veins in the world to poke (I've been told that several times), she was terrible. It was my second most painful IV in the hand experience. But obviously nothing compared to pushing out the babe.
We had left super early and left Londyn and Trip with Mimi and Poppy. My Mom and Dad dropped off the kids at the neighbors and headed over to the hospital to witness the birth of #3. I guess they had a "really, super fun" time trying to get Trip to wear clothes that morning.
After only about an hour or so of painful contractions I ended up deciding to get an epidural. I hadn't had an epidural with the first two babies and I was feeling incredibly weak. After spending 4 months without a husband I literally didn't feel like having a baby. This was a feeling I hadn't experienced before. I was JUST. SO. TIRED. Londyn and Trip (especially Londyn) didn't sleep well most nights. Things always seem to fall apart for the kids when Sam goes. Sad, but true.
The epidural was the craziest thing ever! After I got the poke in my back, I felt like I was taking a warm bath. I was COMPLETELY numb and couldn't feel a thing. My demeanor completely changed. Everyone in the room was glad I got it! :)
My doc was a funny one. Nice guy. He basically thought I was stupid for ever not wanting an epidural. 
Having an epidural was completely different for me. With the first two I was in so much pain that I wasn't as aware of what was going on. It was really cool to be able to just focus on meeting the baby and not anything else. Meeting Harvey was one of the best moments ever!
We had him just after 2PM. The time in the pic above is obviously inaccurate. Harvey was supposedly my biggest baby, 7 lbs. 11 oz. But, for the first time, I am noticing this picture and the wrong time. I wonder if they hadn't reset the machine and if that was actually his weight. 
Pretty amazing Sam was around. Definitely a major unexpected blessing! Sam picked out his name as well.
World's best nurse. She was so happy, nice, smiley.
Lil sis just missed the birth. She was in the hospital, but they wouldn't let her in the room. I was so bummed!! But she walked in right after so that was amazing!
Fun to have such a great support team!

Mimi and Poppy with their 6th grandchild!
Aparently I didn't realize I was in this picture. My mother in law had brought me walnut shrimp and I was so hungry I was enjoying my meal! haha!
Hanging with my sweet little girl! Always a crazy rush when you add another to the bunch and the siblings get to come meet the newest member of the fam.
Grandma Elma

We were given some great little care packages after Harvey was born. We got some homemade blankets, a quilt, toys, books, etc. So nice! They were from the hospital. The stuff was made by volunteers or donated. Every baby born there received them. It was such a nice touch and gave the older kids something to do.
I felt SO, SO lucky that I had some amazing friends come visit. It was the perfect ending to a special day. They brought baked goods from kneaders and I ate most of it in the middle of the night when I was all alone and hungry.
first family pic

Enjoying some sunlight the morning after he was born! 

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