Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sites of Germany: Fasching

Have you ever heard of Fasching or Karneval? It is a celebratory time here in Germany. I've heard it compared to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I wasn't sure of the reason they celebrated it, but I knew I wanted to get a glimpse of what it was all about. A town near us called Wolframs Eschenbach had their own parade and celebration so went over to a friend's house and enjoyed the craziness of "Fasching!"

So Fasching, also called Karneval, is celebrated in Germany, France, Trinidad, Brazil and probably some other places. I don't think it is always the called the same thing, but if I understand correctly the Holiday is based on a similar purpose. The Holiday, at least here in Germany, can be traced back to the Medieval times. It was a time where common people let loose and partied. If only for a while they made a mockery of their harsh rulers and just had fun.
 Around these parts they celebrate with a giant parade and to be honest I have never seen so many people in one place, here in Germany. Each year they have a theme and they dress up according to the theme. There are a lot of school children involved and a lot of bands. They give away a lot of candy and a lot of booze!

 This picture does not accurately depict the many thousands of people flowing through the streets. I was trying to get a great pic, but I would have had to risk standing on a sketchy wall and most likely falling way too far.

 It was a wild celebration. People were loud and crazy and they threw their trash everywhere! Not the way Germans typically act. But, you know if you've been here, that that the streets were clean shortly after it ended. I think they had until 6AM the next morning to make sure it was spit spot.
Our friends live on this road, just down aways and on the left. They had a few of us over for the parade and the little kids sat in the big window that opened up to the street. The Fasching clowns got a kick out of chucking stuff in their window. One little girl got a King size candy bar chucked at her face and she had two huge bruises/bumps from it! Sad!

 Typical for the area where we live in Germany- there were LOTS of tractors in the parade! I love Bavaria!

 Not the most professional looking parade floats, but you gotta appreciate their efforts!
 Londyn was in tears for the majority of the parade. She is very, very afraid of parades, loud noise and costumed people!

 My boys.

 The bees especially freaked Londyn out even though they gave her lots of candy and new clips for her hair!

Loved her. Marching ALL. BY. HERSELF.

 Definitely my favorite. They were passing out little tiny flasks of alcohol to only select members of the crowd.
Right under that little bridge back there is where we hung out for the parade and took most our pics. At the end of the evening we walked through the trashed streets to get to our car!

So, there you have it.  A little taste of a crazy German Holiday! They do it right around here!


  1. I was told by our landlord that it is a celebration to chase away winter and welcome spring. It's also a chance for people to go crazy and have fun and enjoy their vices before they give them up for Lent. Fasching ends the day before the start of Lent.

  2. HA HA HA Walking all by herself!

  3. It's in the little Town called Wolframs-Eschenbach, I grew up a few kilometers from there!