Friday, February 21, 2014

Road trip to the Bavarian Alps (Northern Romantic Road)

A couple of weekends ago we had a spare couple of days and wanted to do something cool. Sam wanted to use his new snowboard and so we decided on Garmsich. Garmisch is a place we have been so many times, but we love it a lot! The place we usually stay at was booked most the weekend but they did have openings on Sunday night. We decided Sam would head down early with a friend who already had a room booked and the kids and I would head down on Sunday.

I so enjoyed my road trip with Londyn and Trip. Our GPS took me a random way. For a while I was concerned but when I double checked the route with my phone GPS I realized we were good to go. We took our time, made some stops and soaked it all in. The new route ended up being part of the Northern Romantic Road, so I was super excited!
The courtyard and well of Schloss Harburg. We pulled into this amazing castle and I had no idea where we were. It just came out of nowhere. The castle has a biergarten (restaurant) and it was even open. Because we were slightly excited to see Sam we didn't stay and eat. I do plan on taking the family back to eat there because it is situated above a river and it is absolutely breathtaking. 

Another look at the courtyard of Schloss Harburg. We had to drive through some really narrow little roads and openings to get to the top!
One of the narrow places we drove through to get to the top. This castle is on the banks of the Wornitz River. It is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Germany.  Stopping here and experiencing the beauty was an unexpected surprise as we headed down to Garmsich.
Once we arrived at the hotel we decided to throw our swimsuits on and take a dip. Londyn and Trip had been talking about the pool for days. 
Of course capturing pictures of these wild munchkins is just about as exciting for me as the Castles and views of the magnificent Alps. Life would not be as good without my family in it. 
They were dancing and being crazy. Trip especially. You can get a pretty good view of his grey tooth in these. I am still so sad about it. We finally have a dentist appointment next week to see if something has to be done about it! :/
Family photos on the hotel bed. This was right before Londyn, Trip and I headed to bed… and a few hours before Sam headed down to a big Super Bowl party. The party went from about midnight to 4AM. The perk to staying at an American hotel… American TV.

Morning view of the Alps. Thankfully we had some blue skies and it was just beautiful.
I used my zoom lens to get some photos up on the Alps. The way the sun was shining on the snow dusted trees was breathtaking. I wanted to share these photos because spending time in these mountain cities at the base of the Alps is so extraordinarily beautiful and even with how often we have been down there, the beauty still blows me away. Sharing it is fun for me. (Not to mention, one day we won't be a three hour drive from this beautiful spot. We need to soak it in while we can.)
Magnificent Alps!
It looked like someone took a flour sifter and gently dusted the whole city. We weren't snowed in by any means. In fact I was hoping for a bit more snow. But, it was so perfect the way it was! 
The meadows all over this area are usually scattered with cows and lots of these little wooden cabins. Although I am not totally sure what is in these "cabins," my guess is they are filled with fire wood, tools and other things needed for the little farms all around.
The view from our balcony.
A traditional looking German house. Garmisch is especially full of quaint, beautiful little homes like this.

I have a thing for tractors (so does my husband) and stacks of wood. I love logging trucks, logs and the beautiful stacks of firewood that are literally all over Germany!

Before we headed home we took a drive up to a Lake where we spent some time one weekend in September a couple of years ago. I wasn't sure what we'd find up there since the lake would most likely be covered in snow, but I thought it would be fun! 
The drive was scenic, that's for sure!
 Zugspitze is the highest peak in the German Alps. It is 9,700 feet up there and you can take a little tram all the way to the top. We have not done Zugspitz, but we took a tram up to Alpspitze which is another high peak reaching about 6,725 feet! Click here to see our anniversary Alpspitze adventure. Eibsee is a beautiful lake that is basically surrounded with high mountains and peaks. It is so beautiful! Click here to see photos of the lake when it is warm! 
I found my dream German cabin on this drive. This little house was so cute!
This series of photos of the kids was so funny to me. They, on their own, decided that taking off their shoes and holding them above their heads was the perfect photo pose?!
As you can see, they were quite serious about it. Love them! 
Another wonderful, mini adventure for the books! Doing this drive with kids inspired me to do a little bit of exploration next month when Sam is gone. So, we will see what I come up with! I would, hands down, prefer to travel with Sam, but sometimes he isn't around and I thought it might take our minds off of his absence next month if we went on a couple of road trips.

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