Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Old Town, Prague

You aren't sick of Prague posts yet, are you? Our last post of our weekend in Prague is finally here!

 An entrance to Charles Bridge from the Old Town side of Prague. This is definitely one of my favorite photos!

 These are pictures of our apartment on Karlova. They are small, but I didn't want them to take up the whole post! The place was awesome. So beautiful, big and spacious. We we were able to walk out and be right in the thick of things. The kids had a blast being able to run and play with their friends. So all in all, it was perfect and I wouldn't have changed it. The problem with this place was the nightlife basically didn't allow sleep. We got woken up over and over again all three nights. So there is a major price you pay for location, and I am not just talking about money! So, ideally if/when we do Prague again (and this goes for any major city we visit) I think I would prefer to stay outside of the major tourist spots and either drive in or take a train in.

Check out the first of two posts from our first visit to Prague, here!
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Our awesome friends!
Snagged a selfie on the bridge. Still SO sad we didn't get a family picture or a group picture of both families!
The next few pictures are all on Charles Bridge.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Inside the cathedral

Leaving the palace. This was a long, awkward staircase. I was holding a crying Trip and was nervous I was going to fall the whole time! But it was GORGEOUS! The fog added a beautiful element, I thought.

Astronomical Clock/Town Hall and Old Town Square
 Old Town Astronomical Clock
 Old Town Square
 Old Town Square
 Church of St. Nicholas

  Church of St. Nicholas
 Clock in Old Town Square
Most likely you've seen characters like this before because they have them in major cities all over the world. If you tip them they will move and do a little something. Kind of silly.
   Church of St. Nicholas (back left). I really loved this band a lot. They were talented!

Traditional Czeck food. My favorite was the goulash which is common all over Germany as well. It is a thick/tender beef stew.
Czech Noodles
 Jewish Quarter

Minutes after this photo Trip fell asleep!
  Church of the Virgin Mary Before Tyn
 Church of the Virgin Mary Before Tyn
 These two crazy girls caught these pigeons and they look like they are ready to kill them.

I wish I knew the names/significance of all the incredible things we saw!

We are so grateful we had another opportunity to see Prague again. It is truly an amazing city!

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