Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Munich Zoo, Germany

Back in October we decided to take a quick weekend trip to Munich. We were able to go to the Munich Aquarium, a Munich vs. Malaga basketball game and also the Tierpark Hellabrunn (zoo). We had so much fun that weekend. I realized how much I loved Munich. We had never actually stayed in Munich. Munich is an amazing city and has a ton to do. The excitement and energy during the basketball game was so contagious. Sam has a friend that plays for the Malaga, Spain team, so it was especially fun to watch him play. We took the kids with us and we were out late with all the drunk and excited Germans and Spaniards.

The Aquarium (we felt) was a bit of a let down. It was a little overpriced and super tiny. It took us like 20 minutes to walk through the whole thing. If the kids had like it, it would have made it totally worth it (as usual)! But, Londyn was afraid of the dark, "tunnel-y," scary aquarium and wanted out of the place as soon as we walked in. Trip enjoyed it a bit more which was nice. 
 Heading to the zoo from the parking lot.

 I get pretty excited about zoos. I love the outdoorsy, calm, beauty that usually comes with a trip to the zoo. European zoos have really impressed me and adding the zoo to a list of things to do in any city is usually a safe bet, if you ask me.
 I am a nerdy zoo goer. I love taking pics of the animals and usually Sam is pulling the train and I am dragging off the back of it. That is actually pretty standard for us wherever we are.
 How cute is this mother/baby pair? Pretty darn cute.
 Gotta love a good pair of giraffe butts. I mean, really.
 The day was overcast and a bit chilly but the colors were gorgeous!

 Pretty awesome buffalo.
 I have a thing for trees. Like a major crush on nature and all things green, twisty turn-y and perfectly imperfect. I love that about nature.
 Pretty cute pair.
 Me and my little buddy.. and a tiny monkey weeny.
 Over exposed and not quite right, but I love that smile!
 This gorilla was so RAD. He just sat RIGHT by the window so you could literally sit on the bench and be right by him with just the glass between him and you. He was huge and really old. He just didn't give a what about all the tourists and of course he was wildly popular because of it.
 The grounds of the Munich zoo were most definitely some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.
 The colors and the leaves.. so beautiful!

 Appropriately, the large Circus tent building was in the elephant area. 

 Elephants have always amazed me!

 I guess I just love animals, because these lions were incredible. So majestic and proud.

 Funny little African crane… a Grey Crowned Crane.
 A sad little rhino
 Mountain goat
 If I lived at the Munich Zoo, I would pick this habitat as my home. Can you spot the ram?
 Closer up of the ram
 I mean these bears are so beautiful, majestic and unique even though they are some of the most commonly known animals in the world. Their coats are beautiful. I cannot believe how many colors are in his coat.
 If he was nice, I would definitely take him home.

 Trip was chasing this cool little baby goat.

 Sam had to go get Trip out of the area that had a sign above it illustrating "no humans allowed!"

 We snagged a couple of pics in the parking lot before we took off.
We stayed at the Sheraton in Munich. It was a great location, had awesome rooms and a really helpful staff.
Right outside the aquarium there was a beautiful area with a lake, walking path, food stands and a pretty good cafeteria-style restaurant. These ducks and goose loved Sam for some reason. They kept getting closer and closer to him.

 Lunch after the aquarium at the cafeteria-style restaurant. The best thing we had was the panna cotta!
They look like a couple of bored teenagers, but they always have a great time when were out!


  1. Alexis, I love getting a peek into your life there in Germany! You are such a happy person, you make me happy. It's always a treat to read your thoughts. I'm not usually a fan of people's zoo pictures, but these are seriously amazing! You should totally have them blown up and do a gallery wall of animals in a playroom or something. I think the giraffe in particular is spot on. ;)

  2. Oh, and about Alison's dance-off last month, you were the clear winner in my mind! You're adorable.