Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trip Samuel Turns Two!

Our precious boy turned two a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to have a party for him and make it really special. Last year his birthday fell right on Thanksgiving day. I got him a couple of presents. Sam was deployed. I didn't EVEN make him a cake. He "blew out" a candle that was stuck into a piece of pumpkin pie. That is not a tradition I wanted to keep. I really want him to feel special and like his birthday is his day to feel special and be well taken care of!

Well… this year the D&C and miscarriage I had caused a kink in my plans. I had the minor operation just three days before his birthday. So, I was pretty bummed. BUT, I have to say, things worked out and they worked out well.
The night of his birthday I made a whole chicken in the crockpot, steamed broccoli and strawberries (and actually when Sam got home from work he did the broccoli and strawberries). I mean, really, the world's simplest meal… not necessarily fit for a birthday boy. But we were all fed and happy. I bought him balloons the night before his big day and I put up a garland of forest animals. (I had made these little creatures previously for my little sister's baby shower.)
We had a yummy lemon cake which I shared a couple blog posts ago that you can find here! He received gifts from us, his Grandma, his Mimi and Poppy and even received a visit and a gift from his Grandpa and Grandma Charlotte. Two days after his birthday he got an unexpected train set from our landlords. It turned into three days of birthday celebrations. It was the birthday that just kept on giving and giving!
It's hard to believe our tiny little jaundiced Trip is now a whopping 2 years old. Where does the time go?!
This photo shows Trip's gray tooth pretty well. A couple of months ago he fell at the park and chipped and killed his front tooth. So sad. Now both of our children have chipped teeth. Ugh! But, he loved his gifts from Grandma Elma and the Mickey Mouse wrapping was by far his favorite. He couldn't believe how awesome it was!

He was pretty excited about his stickers from Mimi and Poppy!

 He really the loved the creamy portion of his cake. He kept asking for more and more cream! 

 Don't ask me why I love this pic so much. It has nothing to with my large face. I just love his little mouth and nose and his sweet expression. He's my angel baby.

 A couple of his crazy sissy. How we love our little Londyn lou.

 We couldn't have gotten a more precious or more kind baby boy. This is one lucky family!

 The morning after his birthday we surprised him with his biggest gift. It was a HUGE amount of Diego "crap." Man was he happy! He woke up and ran into the living room and it was all laid out for him. I bought this lot from a family here in Germany. It was used. It was cheap. I had no wrapping or boxes to get rid of and he couldn't have been happier with all it contained. Win-win for all involved. Don't be afraid to re-use and re-cycle others toys. Think if more of us did that. I think we have a really wasteful world when it comes to material goods. We'd do good if we were a bit more careful with our purchases and if things weren't so disposable to us! But, what do I know? Those who know me know I LOVE a good, new, shiny toy fresh from it's package! I am getting all smiley just thinking about it! 

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  1. I need to put all your yummy recipes to good use! I am all about used toys, especially those big outdoor ones that get beat up anyway. Happy Birthday Tripp!