Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Alps, Garmisch, Germany

The 2nd night my parents were here (when they came in mid October) we were already out traveling. We had made it down to Garmisch, Germany. It is a lovely ski/outdoor adventure town that has a fun vibe. We stayed at Edelweiss which is a resort on a military property. But, the property is insane, amazing. It is literally at the base of the Alps. It is a short walk to the trams and lifts that take you right up into the Alps. When driving in we were oohing and awing at the clear, pristine day. We have made this same trip many times and we had rarely seen it as clear and as beautiful as it was for two nights we stayed there.

One morning we caught a glimpse of this beauty.
Most of these shots were taken from our patio.

We are lucky it was perfect fall weather.

This is a zoomed in shot from our patio down at the resort. This is a view of the restaurant up at Alspitz. Alspitz is a mountain in the Eastern Alps with a height of 6,375 feet. We actually took a ride up there for our 2nd year anniversary a couple of years ago. We ate a yummy meal and enjoyed the views.

Trip, Lonydn and Mimi ran around in the grass one morning.

Sam trimming his toenails?! Good capture if I don't say so myself!

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