Sunday, December 29, 2013

Old Town Salzburg, Austria

If you have never been to Salzburg, go if you ever have the opportunity. If not, don't sweat it! (Not that you were.) This will be my longest post to date. More pictures than any other post. I just can't help it. We love this place and we are so grateful we were able to go back for the 2nd time in October with my parents. We only spent one day and night here. If you read about some of the other fall adventures we had when my parents came, then you know they only came for ONE week. Not enough time. So the week was packed with crazy fun.

We stayed in this cool little place. We had to take a bus ride into Old Town but it was worth it if you ask me. If you see those three windows jutting out with the flowers… kind of on the half hexagon? I am sure there is a technical name for that type of architectural flair? That is where Sam, the kids and I stayed. My parents were right next door. We pushed all our beds together and had a big giant sleepover with the kids. Lucky for my parents they had a night to themselves!

I love my Mom!
Poppy and Mimi rule!
Lots and lots of pictures in the Mirabell Palace Gardens. In the distance you can see the Salzburg Fortress or Hohensalzburg Castle. It was rainy and hazy when we first set out to explore.

Our sweet sleeping babe in the rain.
I love this picture. My Dad and Londyn amongst many other tourists.

My really cute parents.
Love this capture of Sam and I.

We did our best to stay out the rain.

A view of Old Town with the fortress in the distance.
Is this city not amazing?!

I love the confetti colored bridges. Of course the confetti is actually a whole lot of locks. But, I think it looks so cool.

Mozart's birthplace in the background.
Our hilarious and awesome carriage ride. 

Mozart Monument

Hohensalzburg Castle

Fountain in the Residenzplatz, an area where The Sound of Music was filmed. The Von Trapp family sings, "I Have Confidence in Me" here.
Right here by the carriages there was a nice and talented Austrian painter with some of his work on display. My Mom found and bought a really wonderful painting from him. I loved it! Well, Christmas morning came and we opened up that very painting. Her and my Dad gave it to us. I feel bad about keeping it but I am SO excited about it. Such a beautiful keepsake.
He is the reason why our carriage ride was hilarious… and awesome! Our driver was classic with no teeth and lots of spit!

Such a cool spot for photos!

Self-timer group shot.

Londyn in her new unicorn shirt. She got this in the H&M in Old Town Salzburg.

Across the way you can see Mozart's residence. 
Chasing an (almost) two year old is more fun on Vacation.

The famous Mirabell Gardens. Scenes from The Sound of Music were filmed in here. We are all huge fans of the movie so of course we loved seeing a few different spots where the movie was filmed.

By the time we left the sun had come out and it was so GORGEOUS!

Peace out Salzburg… we hope there will be a next time!

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