Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Bavarian Adventure- Rothenburg, Colmberg and Lichtenau

In mid October we had two very special, very wanted visitors! My parents came to town. It was a tease because they only spent one week with us. We really had to make every second count. And boy we did just that. We traveled and soaked in every minute we had together. It was one of the best weeks. EVER.

We traded cars with a friend so we had enough space for all of us to drive together. Here they are fresh from, gosh, I don't know… 20 hours of travel?!
Here we are checking out a local grocery store called Kauflands. It is one of our favorites. 
Here is my favorite home on our street. We caught a bit of the redness of fall. We were out walking through the neighborhood one morning.
We took my parents to one of our favorite parks. It is about a mile from our house. The weather was chilly that morning. But they visited at just the right time.

We took them to see Colmberg Castle. It is a castle about 30 minutes from our house. It is more than a 1000 years old and it is just beautiful. They have a restaurant and some rooms for overnight stays. It is a pretty small castle, but still really neat.

The grounds were exquisite. The leaves were gorgeous and I was in awe with the beauty. We'd been there before but never at that time of year.

The view from the castle.
It just so happened to be a perfect day.

Love these two!

We made Colmberg Castle a quick stop and it was on to Rothenburg.
Rothenburg is an old walled city. Perfectly charming and a lovely, touristed area. There were plenty of people checking it out the night we went. Again, the perfect time of year as it wasn't too cold yet!

Almost every single picture in this post is a cell phone shot. The day we went out and did these sites I left my nice camera home. Everybody voted for that- I think they were sick of having a camera in their faces at ALL times.
Rothenburg is chock FULL of history all the way back to 950. It was in 1803 that it became part of Bavaria and they made laws to prevent any major changes to the city. It is overlooking the Tauber river and it is a site. So, so beautiful. My parents had been there before but it was fun for them to see it again. It is only 30 minutes from our house.

We did some window shopping (and a little bit of real shopping) and we had a nice sit down dinner in a  quaint and wonderful hotel. We would love to go back and actually stay there. It was there at that restaurant that Londyn peed on my lap. The pee just kept coming and coming. I was drenched for the next couple of hours until we made it home!

We made it out of there after dark. This day of sightseeing was the 2nd to last day my parents were with us and we really had to fit it all in!!

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