Saturday, November 30, 2013

Simple Color Activities for your Toddler (ages 2 to 4)

Here at our house we've been doing home preschool. We are only doing it once a week. Me and two of  my friends decided to test it out and see how it went. I think it is awesome and I think we should be doing it more than once a week. In fact, I am contemplating putting Londyn in German preschool in January. I think she needs more. She is actually going through a difficult phase at the moment. I think it should be called "terrible threes," not "terrible twos." 

A couple weeks ago when it was my turn to teach, we were focusing on colors. I looked online, got some ideas and then went to work. In a couple of hours I had made some great learning activities for the littles. I didn't think they turned out so well at first, but it has now been weeks since we did the color lesson and my kids are STILL using these tools I made. Both our two year old and three year old love these things. They are able to focus on different areas of development while using the tools, whether it be motor skills, learning colors, matching, etc. 

I will briefly explain the projects and how I did them, but I think most of them are self explanatory and can be done a number of different ways! 

First up, a color wheel! I wasn't too exact or precise about it, as you can see. I cut triangles, glued them on a decorative backing and then made clothespins with strips of matching colors. I laminated the wheel for durability.

 I made "popsicles!" I used two pieces of paper shaped as popsicles, laminated them together, trimmed them so the bottom remained open and used popsicle sticks and paper to create a matching activity. They were hard to get open at first but after bending them open a bit they worked perfectly.

 I cut paper shaped as clouds and I had these super cute bird clips on hand… voila.. another matching activity! Any clips would work, of course! I just bought a set of magnetic clips at the store for $2.99 to replace all the bird clips that were previously in my kitchen being used for chips, flour, nuts etc. 

 If you don't have clips you can use clothespins again… just a thought.
I filled gallon ziploc bags with washable finger paint and the kids played with them. With this activity you can mix colors, use kitchen tools or plastic cookie cutters to imprint shapes, use your finger to draw or even do handprints. All were fun and the kids wanted to take home their bags. We actually still have ours so they have lasted weeks in the house without making a mess! :)
 I cut all the pieces necessary for the kids to make rainbows ahead of time. We were able to talk about colors of the rainbow, and then it was a good big to small sizing, exercise as well. The rainbow on the right was the first rainbow Londyn did with some help on the day of preschool. The next day she did one ALL by herself and that is the one on the left. I was impressed at what she learned and how quickly she learned it.

We also made necklaces with colored beads, which allowed them to work on fine motor skills all while talking and thinking about colors.

After putting the activities together it made me realize I haven't been doing enough of this stuff around the house. We do a lot of basic arts and crafts but this has taught me I need to do more in-depth and engaging activities for both of our children. What made me happy is how engage they stayed with the activities for days and days, weeks even. It made it well worth my time. They got different practice with the different assortment of clips and activities. I especially loved watching Trip (two years) work on these activities because they were tougher for him and seemed to be stretching him a bit more.

Here's to making our homes a lovely learning environment and keeping our children happy and engaged! It isn't always easy… especially for those of us who are now faced with the cold weather and being indoors most of the time!!! Bleh! :) 


  1. Love these activities! It's amazing how excited kids get to learn, and will do it over
    and over until it is mastered. I learn a lot from those little ones.