Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013 in Deutschland

For living in a country where they do not necessarily celebrate Halloween… we sure had a lot to do! Parties, trunk-or-treating, dressing up and spending time with friends. All in all, this year was fun. I do have to admit that after Halloween ended I decided that it just isn't my favorite Holiday. Maybe when the kids are a bit older? Everywhere we went Lonydn was scared out of her mind of something. I don't blame her, though. There are some really scary costumes out there. She was talking about the "doctor with the leg" and the "Goodnight-mare" for days after Halloween. In fact she is still bringing them up. Tonight we had an activity at our church and she was beyond excited that Halloween was over so she wouldn't be seeing the "goodnight-mare!"

We made cupcakes. The kids had a ball just decorating their hearts out. They frosted, decorated and ate!

I was a fairy/butterfly and I never got a picture with my wings. Of course I had only used those wings like 4 other Halloween's previous to this one!! I just had a little fun with some hair chalk and pink eye pencil. Sam was a cowboy. We really should've taken a pic together!
On Halloween eve after one of our parties (which I won 3rd out of 16 for my chili.. yes I am a little proud) I grabbed pictures of all of us in the car. That night Londyn cried for over 20 minutes until I dragged her, Trip and all of our stuff to the car. She was afraid of a masked child. We waited there until Sam convinced Londyn to come back out and trick or treat. 

Our little monsters!

 Halloween night I made a HUGE batch of caramel and sliced 30 apples for a fundraiser. We went to the hangar for a trunk or treat. I should've snagged some photos of the trunks because people went ALL out.  Some of the cars were incredible!

Londyn made it through a couple of cars, got about 5 pieces of candy and then saw some more scary folks so we went and hid in a back room and cuddled on a couch. 
 Halloween night we went to our friend's chowder fest… we stayed up way too late. Around 11 Sam, Lonydn, Trip and I all climbed in bed together and had a sleepover. The morning after Halloween we did our simple version of decorating our pumpkins.

 So thankful for these best friends!
 Funny story- The day of Halloween I had some festive chores to do. I was planning my day so I would get everything finished and we would make it to all the activities we had planned for the evening. All of the sudden Londyn told me she had put candy in her ear! Nerds! So, I spent time on the phone with the nurse and then making an appointment to go in to the doc. When going through the gate to get Londyn to her appointment the gate guards (All German) said they had Halloween candy for the littles. So, I rolled down the back window and he passed the candy in. Well, in my rear view mirror I see him hand Trip a mon cheri… a MON CHERI! They are a hollow chocolate full of liquor. So, by the time I got to the parking lot and went to get the little guy out he had already eaten the whole thing and his whole mouth smelled like liquor! Happy Halloween from the Germans! :/  We got to the clinic and our nurse practitioner was sooo excited to pull candy out of a child's ear on Halloween… she walked in and said, "I really hope you don't disappoint me!" Well, disappoint we did. NO candy in her ear. After hours wasted we had to get back to business. 

Here I am getting ready to take Londyn, who reassured me probably 30 times that she ACTUALLY had candy in her ear, to the doctor. Sighhhh.

We hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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