Friday, August 30, 2013

Londyn and Trip in Milmersdof

The other day I took the kids out to do Londyn's 3 year photo shoot. I have been really good about doing photo shoots of her around her birthday each year. Trip, on the other hand, not so much. Because he is a Winter baby it is not as much fun doing photo shoots because it is usually snowy outside. This year, however, I hope to do a really fun shoot in the snow for his birthday. They are both old enough to stay out in the snow for a bit so we should do something special. Snow, pine trees, sleds, maybe some outdoor lights?! The options are endless.  

Last week I took the kids to Milmersdorf. It is a neighboring town a few minutes from ours here in Germany. It is the home of one of our favorite "compounds." As you can tell from the photos it is a beautiful Bavarian countryside.

Looking down on Milmersdorf. The large property right in front is our favorite. I should have taken some up-close shots because it is gorgeous. Around here, people don't have homes… they have compounds. 

I already  have some prints of these on their way from Shutterfly. I can't wait! I am going to do a little framed collage with some of my favorites.

I took a selfie with the timer. I figured I might as well document myself as well. Last weekend on Londyn's birthday, I didn't get one photo of myself all day… not even at her party! I tend to do that a lot. 

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