Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Showers

Happy Saturday! Today was a great weekend. We had a "hail 'n farewell" for Sam's unit here at the beer garden. I made 110 ten snickerdoodles and passed them all around. I even gave a bunch away to lots of Germans I didn't know. Half the beer garden was laughing about all the cookies being passed around. One elderly German lady ate 1, then another and then asked for a 3rd. About an hour later Sam brought the cookies to their table and she took THREE more! Apparently the Germans love snickerdoodles. They don't really have cookies here so it was a treat a lot them enjoyed. I loved being the cookie lady. It was worth all the hours it took to make the tripled batch. (I had no idea how much more work a tripled batch would be!!)

I also got to spend a couple hours at the hospital today with two families that had babies! Oh, how precious are those tiny little bugs so fresh from heaven.
Sam helped clean house, barbecued like a champ and I even got a nap today.
Londyn's newest favorite? Showering! She can get in, turn the water on all by herself AND dance and play. She is little miss independent so it is right up her alley! She likes to drag Trip along as well. We have the goofiest, most amazing children. Here are some pictures from tonight's shower. These pictures captured some of their crazy personality. 

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