Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Family at Tropical Islands

We spent a little less than 24 hours at the Tropical Islands Resort here in Germany. It was quite the experience. Looking back, honestly, I would have spent the entire weekend in Berlin instead of splitting the weekend up. (I just fell in love with Berlin. The city and the history. Blog post to come on Berlin.)

However... I did enjoy our stay here and the kids especially loved it. It was a child's dream. There was lots of water and a HUGE kiddie area with many slides, lots of climbing and even a restaurant geared just for the child right next door. WE had slushies, lots of food and candy and we stayed up late together. There were all sorts of restaurants and the Indian food was quite good. They had a very extensive candy shop and we made a few (too many) trips there! All in all it will be a very fond memory in my book.

Everywhere you looked there were fabulous little spots to take pictures. If our children weren't so tired I would have way more good pictures. Every every picture I took showed the big, red bags under their eyes... that is if they would even look up at me.
One of my very favorite parts of our stay was night swimming with our babies. I was in HEAVEN. We were all laughing and giggling. We went in the lazy river and floated around. It was dark and the lighting was nice. We ended night swimming with a hot tub session. I had a major connection with my family that night. Sparks flew. Seriously.

After night swimming we all got showered and then we got cozy in our white robes and towels.
I didn't really want to post this picture because I am not a fan of my stomach in this pic! I thought my stomach was being hidden by Londyn which is why I stood behind her! I guess I should've sucked in a little better. BUT, it's a memory and it is a cool shot with the dome behind us!
The kids had a blast in the water and sand. Duh.
Trip got so tired that he passed out in my arms, then I laid him down and went and partied with Londyn.
The kids loved, loved all the slides and all the climbing. Sam was a trooper to go up and down with them!
I love her little swimsuit wedgie.
These areas were especially made for our little guy. He would have never left if it was up to him.

All in all I am always grateful for time spent with my family... especially when it is somewhere so unique and cool. I am especially grateful the kiddos had so much fun and that it took us out of our everyday "swing of things." We just hung out, us four, every second of every day for our 4 day weekend doing pretty incredible things! We are blessed.

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  1. love the pics!! i was dying laughing about your "stomach" pic...ummm i looked closely and still didn't see much of a stomach. nice try lex. you are a hottie!