Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Day to You! (Free Printables!)

There is something I absolutely love about mornings. Sometimes the morning is quiet and peaceful. The air is crisp and cool and I feel refreshed (like I said... sometimes). There is something about the night time. A time where we are to sleep, rest our usually weary bodies and renew ourselves for a brand new day. To me, it seems symbolic of something greater. But, one thing I do know is-- it is a blessing. A new morning. Another chance to do good. I have struggled with a concept for a long time. It is the concept of slowly chipping away at something. Working hard for or on something. Allowing yourself to be okay with the fact that we can't have everything now. Somethings have to wait until tomorrow. Some results don't come over night. As I have grown older and thus more wise (smile), I have learned that I can start again and again and I can do little by little and there is nothing wrong with that.

Yesterday I had a perfect morning. The flowers looked more beautiful, the birds chirping (one of my most very favorite sounds) outside our windows seemed just a little bit louder and all was right. I feel fortunate to have many moments like this in my life, where things just seem right and perfect.
Two mornings ago Sam left for work early because he had to go fly an all day mission a few hours from here. Both the kids and I LOVE when he flies over the house. It happens quite often, but every time, without fail, we are running outside to catch a glimpse of him as he soars over the house. Here he is (in the right helicopter).

I ran into a quote that has become a very favorite of mine. I didn't spend much time on it but I designed a little printable.

Below are pictures of our kiddos fresh from sleep from the past couple of days. There are not many things more wonderful in life than a sleepy, but rested baby fresh from bed. I love the tired look and how sweet they are in the morning. (Most mornings anyway...)

These are my Mother's Day flowers still blooming like crazy. 

This a very typical Trip expression. I absolutely adore it.

 Londyn woke up and Trip was so excited to greet her. She is always the first person he looks for when he wakes up. She out slept him that morning and he was ready for his little bestie to be awake.
 How good are those underwear?! She still insists on wearing little onsies.
 She is still so out of it.
One of their favorite places to play- the windows above our bed. We also adore these windows. We love that we can stargaze while laying in bed.
Sam returned from his mission that same evening. Seeing him fly over was a nice little head's up that my husband would be home soon. He is in the left helicopter this time.
 The sun set on Buschelbach that night and it was the most gorgeous sunset I have seen here. So, naturally I had to take pictures! 

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