Friday, August 23, 2013

Celebrating Three Years of our Little Londyn!

Londyn Skye, our precious first born, will be turning three this weekend! You have to know how emotional I am over here. I mean, how do you function as a Mom?! It's quite near impossible in every way. But, especially as you watch your children grow up. They just keep getting better and better as they grow older, but I STILL want to freeze them. I don't want these times to end. My heart often hurts as I think about the time when I will leave them at school for the first time or the time when they would rather go hang out with their friends than be with me… their dorky mom. The dorky mom who is sitting here crying crocodile tears as she types. 

But, I am doing all that I can to live in the moment and to record their young lives. I am so into taking pictures and writing things down and it is because I am so fearful of these moments ending and the memories fading. The pressure, I tell you.

Sidenote, I started a little tradition last year and it is this- I am writing my children letters every year around their birthdays. So, when they are old enough I will print them out and give each of them a bundle of letters. That way they will have their own personal little bit of history addressed to them. It's stuff I want them to know, but they are too young to really understand it now.

I could not let this week go by without taking the time to look over her life (in pictures) and put together this little slideshow.  I also took pictures of Trip and Londyn yesterday morning which will soon be appearing on this blog.

Click here to view a special slideshow of Londyn's first three years!

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