Friday, August 9, 2013

A Happy Family (Free Printable!)

Family. Seriously. The best. I am so lucky to call these three family. We took these pictures over a year ago. We wanted to capture some memories before Sam deployed. I hadn't seen these in a while and I was looking back at them a couple of days ago.

I am grateful to have a forever family. Family is the most priceless blessing and I count my blessings daily that I am able to be a mother and a wife. Even if I get tired, stressed, or overwhelmed I would do anything for my family... and I would do it again, and again.

We are heading off on a mini vacay tomorrow. I absolutely cannot wait. We will be going to Berlin and also a place called Tropical Islands. It is an indoor tropical rainforest that is housed in the largest free arena in the world. It was originally a hangar that cost 78 million euros to build. It is now a vacation spot! Yipee! 

These family pictures are especially near and dear to our hearts. These are all taken on the street we live  on here in Germany. So in the future years to come, when we are not able to come back here very easily, we will love looking at these.

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  1. Ahhh these pictures are too much! I am dying. I am so loving your blog & catching up! It will have to do for now:) Miss all your faces and wish I was there to squeeze you all. xoxo