Monday, July 22, 2013

Our Family

A family of 6, one puppy and 6 chickens! We are in Colorado Springs and enjoying (almost) everything about it. (I could do better without so much wind!) One of these days we will get pics up of Gertrude, Goldie, Flower, Red, Blanche and Blossom! (The chickens!)

We are a family of four. We currently reside in Bavaria, Germany and our life is an adventure. This blog is how I hope to share our life.
I'm totally in love with this guy. I'm the luckiest. I think he might like me too.
I'm married to an Army helicopter pilot. This was at his welcome home ceremony where Londyn followed him around and simply would not let him go. I didn't want to let him go either. 10 months is too long to go without daddy (or a husband)!
This is my amazing, absolutely perfect husband. And no, I am not just saying that. He really is fantastic in every way. I couldn't have dreamed up a better guy. In 2008 I eyed him at a slow dance party for one of my friends. (Shout out to the amazing Danielle... if you read this!) I thought he was super cute, but would never go up to a guy. Duh. I came home and told my roommates about him. I didn't think I'd ever see him again. The next morning the most dreamy guy showed up at church. The rest is history.

Our precious angel, Londyn. She is spunky, sassy, and sweet. She knows what she wants and she is extremely smart. She reads many books and knows a lot of the words verbatim. She likes to count, sing, dance, and do art. She is kind and loving but it wasn't until just recently that she finally started cuddling with us.

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Our little sunshine, Trippy. He is the sweetest thing. He has the kindest voice you've ever heard. He sings songs, speaks incredibly well and he is a little guy on a mission. He can say his ABCs and count. Everywhere we go people make comments about how he's in charge. (Although, if I am being totally honest, Londyn and Trip both run the show around here.)

Yes, we have a pet and Londyn named it Gaga. I begged for him for months and finally Sam gave in. He's the only fish I've ever had that didn't die within the first week or so. Seriously. He's hardy and he eats a TON. So, I am a little bit proud of him... and me for not killing him... right away, at least. He's been with us since July 2013.

There you have it. We're a family and we're happy. We're blessed and blessed... and even more blessed.

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