Monday, July 22, 2013

One Little Sparkle

Some may wonder why, as I decided to revamp our family blog, I chose the name "One Little Sparkle." Well, for one, I love anything sparkly! Especially if it's the sun glistening on the water or the twinkle I see in my children's eyes. I love anything with glitter, and anyone who knows me knows I can't resist a sparkly Christmas Tree and I put mine up on November 1st. 

One day a while back I was googling synonyms for "life." I ran across the word sparkle in the synonym section of the word. I immediately loved the idea. A sparkle, a soul, an essence, an excitement.  Our souls ARE a sparkle, they are a light... our lives are bright.

Our blog is our way of sharing our lives with those who are important to us. So, when I decided to rebrand our boring old family blog... to put some life into it... I loved the name, "One Little Sparkle." In the large scheme of things our lives are very little. Our family is one, but we are full of sparkle.

Welcome to our new family blog. 

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