Friday, July 26, 2013

5 Years of 4ths

Happy 4th of July 2013 (from Katterbach, Germany)
The fourth of July is one of our very favorite days of the year. The kids and I were lucky enough to celebrate the holiday in the good ol U S of A last year with family. My husband on the other hand hasn’t celebrated a 4th in the states for a while now. He is incredibly homesick for a good old fashioned fourth. Next year he will most likely be out of the country again but if by some little miracle he isn’t we are going to celebrate big. 

I think he's pretty cute.
There's nothing like setting up a comfy blanky and just hanging out with people you love. 
Trip and Dad watching the fireworks. 
How tired do our children look? It was close to 10 PM and the fireworks STILL hadn't started. We didn't get in bed til past midnight! 
Londyn picked out a 7 foot "rocket"at the 4th festivities. The balloon guy was so happy. I don't think he'd sold one of his rockets the entire day.
What's a Holiday without sugar cookies to decorate?! The kids had a ball.

Londyn carried this plate of cookies down to Anfried and Irene ALL by herself. She did drop one face down on the stairs. I brushed it off and told her not to tell.
Any American would agree... you have to have good food on the 4th. And that we did. Sam smoked 4 different roasts that weekend. We had amazing steak, sides and way too many desserts.

As we’ve learned, though, it is the meaning of the Holiday and who you spend it with that really counts. In fact, last year on the 4th Sam was flying a mission in Afghanistan.  It was a successful mission. (Thank goodness!) Sam flew a flag inside his helicopter for my Dad. Later, he framed it and gave it to him as a gift. No celebrating for the soldiers abroad (at least where he was). Kind of sad, really.

Happy 4th from Afghanistan (2012)
Happy 4th of July from Bountiful/North Salt Lake, Utah (2012)
Hands down, one of the most spectacular places to spend the Holiday.
I can't tell you how lucky the kids and I were to be with my parents while Sam was deployed. Mimi, Poppy and Grant are like immediate family to Londyn and Trip. They still ask for them daily (no exaggeration).
We were able to spend time with BOTH sides of the family last year for the 4th. Sam's family is the best!
When Sam came to Utah for his R&R he gave my Dad the flag.
Happy 4th of July from Katterbach, Germany (2011)
I was about 5 1/2 months along with Trip this 4th. 

Happy 4th of July from Fort Rucker, AL (2010)
I was about 8 months along with Londyn that year. That is also the day I found the beginning of my first pregnancy stretch mark. (Needless to say that put a damper on things!!)
Happy 4th from Bountiful/North Salt Lake (2009)
Sam was in Basic Training that year (getting his butt kicked and losing TWENTY lbs) and we weren't married yet. 

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