Monday, January 23, 2012

My boys

I know I am still totally behind on all our blog posts. But, I will slowly dig myself out of my blogging hole. I have so many posts I want to do... like Christmas and our recent trip to Prague, but first things first. 
Here are a few pictures I took of Sam and Trip. I love these because they captured exactly what I wanted them to capture. Trip is one week old in these pictures and I think these pictures will help us remember how tiny he was. We don't have pictures like this of Londyn, so I wanted to be sure we didn't miss them with him.

Trip was 2 months old yesterday (1.22.12) and he is already in size 2 diapers. This morning I weighed him on our scale and he was 12 pounds. He has been out of his newborn clothes for a while now and a lot of his 3 month clothes are too snug. He is growing much faster than Londyn did. She is only in size 3 diapers. I am pretty sure they will be in the same size very soon.

 I was editing these pictures in photoshop for absolutely no reason at all. After I got them open in photoshop I realized there was nothing that needed to be done to these pics.. So in this pic, I got bored and took off most of the big freckles on Sam's arm. Don't ask me why. Apparently I am not as busy as I claim to be?! 

(His freckles are back.)

I am constantly reminded of how precious our two little angels are. I feel soooo unbelievably lucky to be their mom. I can't believe how amazing both of them are. Daily I look at them in awe and I simply cannot believe I have been trusted to care for them. They are precious, perfect souls. They are inspiring. I am grateful for their health and tiny, itty bitty strength. I pray everyday that they will continue to grow healthy and strong... and that they will be kept safe and strong through their lives here on earth. 

I am totally and completely obsessed with both my (our) babies, and incredibly grateful for my amazing husband. We are a match made in heaven. Isn't he so handsome and hunky in these pic?! I think so.

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  1. WOW those are precious. His foot is as big as Sam's wedding ring. I love Sam's face in those. So happy, so thankful. Stop making me want to CRY!