Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year... Oh My!

Can we say I am behind?! 
Excuses: I have a newborn. I am now a mother of two. It's been the Holidays. I live in Germany, which basically means I am an alien. I am tired? I don't sleep so much anymore. I have had company for nearly 2 months straight. Sam has been gone for nearly 20 days in the last month and a half. Well... I think that is all for now.

But really, I am sorry. Here are a few newborn shots of Trip. The following birth announcement was supposed to be included in our Christmas card. Which barely got out this year. In fact, I still have the 2nd stack of cards that I haven't sent. Surprised? ha, I think not! He is only 7 days old in these! That little angel boy of ours is sleeping right now and Londyn is playing with her mega blocks! Most the time I do have it great over here. I don't think I could ask for better children. 
Last night Londyn chewed and swallowed her very first piece of chewing gum. She also (for the first time) attempted to eat her poop. I give both babes a bath at the same time now. So, Londyn goes in first and gets settled with her bath toys. Next comes Trip, his baths are like 4 minutes anyways. Well, all was going smoothly and I had him in his towel and I look over and Londyn has her poop practically in her mouth. I FREAKED out. I still have anxiety when I think about it. A series of crazy events took place. Like me leaving a wet (rat) newborn in his towel with no diaper by himself. Me shoving Londyn into the shower for a quick quarantine. Within 2 minutes of seeing the poop I ran and got purell and put it in her mouth... ooops?! She is obedient and sweet (most the time) so as soon as I told her to put the poop down, she did. After about 15 minutes, I had not heard one peep from the cold wet rat and I went to check on him and his towel was pulled down over his eyes almost over his nose too (Phewwww). He had peed and exploded newborn poop all over as well. It was my lucky night.
Newborns aren't that cute. But, I of course, still think he is amazing, darling and perfect!

I won't press my luck with this blog post. I better sign off. But, more to come!



    My dinner prep just included handing L an entire bag of pasta and 5 bowls, opening the bag, and letting him go. J had a movie on, his pirate costume on, chocolate milk, and two pirate ships...

    All I made was frozen pizza and a bag of broccoli...and now I've got at least a 30 minute crunched up pasta mess. Rookie.

  2. So So CUTE! You are so lucky you have a girl and now a boy! I love it! I'm so excited to be a mom someday, it sounds like so much fun :) haha really I am though! Josh and I better get started if we're ever going to catch up to you guys!