Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bathing Beauty, Part 1

I know this might sound dramatic, but the day I took these pictures and this bath session with Londyn will easily be one of my best memories forever and ever. This bath time was on December 6th. Trip was about two weeks old, Sam was in Italy and my Mom was in town helping. The first month with two children was an adjustment. I wanted to give more of my time to Londyn then I could. Trip was the priority since I am the one nursing him. Everyone else got to take care of Londyn. It seemed like I didn't get to get her out of bed/naps very often or even feed her her meals. In fact, most the time I felt like I didn't even know when or what she last ate. 

Well, this night, I got to give her her bath. It was just me and her. My mom was on the phone with my dad and Trip was asleep. I laughed harder and longer than I had in soo long... and so did Londyn! It was so much fun. I was squirting her with her bath toys and putting random items on her head. I am so glad I got the camera out because I was able to capture this night and some of her hilarious, genuine happy faces. 
The title of this post is "part 1" because a few nights ago I got some more absolutely AMAZING pictures of her in the tub.

  I love this big, goofy grin. Ugh, it makes me so happy!!
 A dolphin in her mouth and a ducky on her head. Why not?!

 There is nothing better than seeing pure joy and happiness on your child's face... hearing it is amazing too. I love when she laughs... I love her real, uncontrollable laugh. 
 She is getting squirted in the face. Pure talent... squirting the child and also capturing it on camera! 
 It looks like she is holding the water stream in her hands.

 Love that one big blue eye.
This was the same day I took her out to play in the snow and she face planted in the driveway. You can see the red above her mouth and on her chin.


  1. What a joy! She is just perfect! Hope you are adjusting well enough now, you always were a real trooper!

  2. KIDDING ME WITH THAT LITTLE BLUE EYE PEEKING OUT OF THE RED BUCKET? LOVE this post. Love you. You're the best mommy. My role model.