Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time flies, babies grow fast!

Our little guy is 3 weeks old today. Where does the time go? But before it seems too far past appropriate to post these pics of his first week, I thought I would get them up!

 1 day old blondie
 2 day old sweetheart.. Daddy came to pick us up from the hospital and take us home! yay! 
 Love my two boys
 Mimi and baby Trip... 4 days old
 4 days old
I love green on this little guy... even though I think we decided blue is his color! :)

 precious babe

 big sis, little bro. 5 days old.

 7 days old. Sooo cute!! 
Best big sis in the whole wide world! Wearing daddy's cowboy hat.


  1. he is SOOO BEAUTIFUL! Seriously! My mouth dropped! How does he look just like you already?? Such a Hawkes! Londyn looks so cute with him! I have a package for you that I'm gonna try to send today! CALL ME!

  2. Adorable baby and big sister! You look great too:) He does look just like you!!!

  3. I'm on the phone with S looking @ these and DYING. He's like what is going on over there. THEY ARE THE CUTEST KIDS IN THE PLANET!!!! KILLING ME. They are AMAZING. GOSH. You guys need to make 30 more.

  4. love these! love you. phone date soon! i'm off work next week so we gots more time to make it happen:)