Thursday, December 1, 2011

The delivery of Trip Samuel

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 Okay, so we left off at that last picture where I mentioned I was literally about to pop out a baby (or as Frou Wagner would say, "squeeze" out a baby). I looked at the times the photos were taken and 1 1/2 minutes after that last shot this picture was taken....

Our little angel Trip Samuel Scheid was born at 12:01 pm, 7 lbs and 20 inches long. 
I know I don't look that excited in this pic. Maybe a little afraid and even grossed out. My mom captured quite the moment, but I promise I was excited, it's just that I was... well, a little surprised. The way Frau Wagner just slapped him on my chest, along with being in a tub of water and of course the pain and shock of it all was just a lot. 

The Frou kept asking me not to push. They apparently just weren't quite ready to have the little guy come out. Just like in the movies they were trying to call the doc and couldn't get him there in time. I absolutely HAD to push. He was coming and there was no doubt about it. After the second push his head was almost all the way out. And she said, "Do you want to touch it?" At first I started to reach to touch his head, then I realized with how much pain I was in and how much effort it would take to try and feel his head... I really didn't want to feel it that bad. I think it also sort of freaked me out. 

After a few pushes he should have been out but all the of sudden there was a hold up. I had no idea what was going on. I was pushing and she was yanking around down there.. and it hurt very badly. I couldn't understand why she was doing "so much" down there!! But, after we learned that the cord was wrapped around his neck and she was fixing the problem without raising alarm and just as efficiently as anyone could. Once again, the Frou was and is amazing. 

I held the really gory pics, but there are still a lot of pics that are pretty intense, just a warning. 

 In all the commotion of things some how my IV got ripped out of my wrist. It took a minute for anyone to notice, but Sam realized what happened and they quickly got it cleaned up. 
 They snuggled him up in a towel to keep him warm. They had to suction a lot out of his nose and mouth and I was really worried at first, asking if he was okay. 
The doc finally showed up.
 Happy little family, minus Londyn
 After he was out, I was in for another surprise. The Frou, without warning, gave my stomach a huge, hard push to get the placenta out. It was a shocker and it didn't feel so hot. Later she did it again but it was for a longer period of time. Apparently she doesn't believe in letting you know she is going to do something so invasive. 

 Shortly after he was born I had to climb out of the tub. Again, super uncomfortable stepping up the little stairs, but it was an improvement from after Londyn was born. The first time I stood up I nearly fainted and fell to the floor, but the nurse caught me. 
 I had to sit down on a table where we waited for the doc so he could check for damage! I had two tears, both needed stitches, but again a vast improvement from Londyn. So, I couldn't complain. 
 Cute little guy. In Germany they don't bathe them until the next morning.  

 A pretty good shot of my "pregnancy mask," for those of you that know what that is! They bundled the little guy in a couple of straight jackets and a helmet.
 Mimi and her new grandson.
 Finally taking the pitocin drip out. 
 Nursing him for the first time. 
 Sam was super anxious to get Londyn so he ran and got her. She was really excited to see her mommy and didn't want to be put down. She was really sweet to Trip when she met him, but after a couple minutes she gently pushed him away. 
 Meeting her little brother
 Here's the gentle push. Mimi (my mom) got it on camera. 
 She gave him a couple of kisses too, and since then she has gotten sweeter and sweeter. She is adjusting really well and has never done anything to make him cry. Lots of nuzzles and kisses. 

 the whole gang
 Trip is looking a little pasty, partly I think because he hasn't had a bath.
 If you'll notice Sam is all of the sudden mustache-less. When we got into the recovery room Sam disappeared in the bathroom and all the sudden we heard the shaver turn on. He shaved his stache like 3 hours after Trip was born. Me and my mom were cracking up when we heard that shaver come on from inside the bathroom. He brought it in his pocket. love him.
 Daddy of two
 family of four

 close up of the straight jacket
 Apparently he tasted good. 
Another one of Mimi and Trip

Well, 30-something photos later, I think I pretty well covered the delivery of our little son, Trip. We are so in love with him. He is sweet and precious and perfect. 


  1. loved that. thanks for sharing! and congrats again!

  2. lex i love him! he is amazing. way to go on the L&D! you are such a trooper. i'm glad it's all over!!

  3. LEX! These pix are great. You're storytelling is superb. Love Londyn licking Tripy. SO SWEET. I feel so much farther away now. I like to pretend that you havent been so busy and no one's gotten a day older, but look at ya all grown up and mothering and another baby and L a big big sister... awwww shucks. Sure do miss you all. You get home for Christmas ya hear.

    I kind of felt slightly "southern" for a second.

  4. Wow! You are such a trooper. Congrats on another beautiful baby!

  5. Congrats on Trip! So glad that all went well! That seems like a pretty intense experience... I am sort of avoiding reading about labor and all that. Still undecided about whether knowing is better or just going with the flow. ha ha. Cute family of 4. :)

  6. Aw, he is precious and perfect! I can't believe what a blondie he is! So fun. Congrats! Miss u!