Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the labor (with Trip)

So, it's late and both my babies are sleeping. I haven't showered in two days, I have been peed on multiple times just in the last few hours, my son was circumcised today, and between Sam, my mom and I we are changing poopy diapers ALL THE TIME! Last night Trip started crying and within a few minutes Londyn was crying super hard and as soon as we would get one calmed down the other would start up and then freak the other one out. Londyn loves her little Trip and she cries every time she hears Trip cry. It is super cute. But things are actually really good around here. Trip sleeps well during the night and is a verrry easy going and sweet baby. We were expecting a terror since Londyn has been such a mellow little thing, but he is even more mellow than she is. 

On Monday the 21st I saw my doctor and he, once again, was shocked our little guy hadn't come yet. It had been nearly two weeks that I was dilated to a 4. He said at that appointment I had progressed a little, but only to about a 4 1/2 or 5. He suggested that I talk to the midwife about getting labor started. He was just really concerned that if I went into labor on my own it could be only a matter of minutes until the baby was out. So, I called the my midwife, Frou Wagner (pronounced Vahgner) and she said that I needed to be induced because it was too dangerous to walk around at a 4 or 5. We set an appointment for me to go in the next day at 8 am.
 We had just arrived and she set me up to be monitored, she checked me and told me she would start the pitocin and the antibiotics since I tested positive for Group B strep. I was pretty bummed because I did not want to do pitocin again (I did a natural, no epidural delivery with Londyn while on Pitocin... it was painful and the contractions were strong!) I thought she would just break my water or something. But, I figured I didn't really have a choice. 
 Sam is looking hilarious in this pic. The Frou is getting me ready. She works fast and she is amazing at what she does. She has delivered 5,400-something babies. I can't say enough good about her. 
 I was using this wall heater as a large heating pad for my lower back. Contractions were getting a bit stronger and I was walking the halls, getting ready for the delivery. I got to walk with my pitocin drip. A nice change from the States. Thank goodness I was able to deliver in a very pro-natural hospital. Exactly what I hoped for with Londyn.
 Mom is enjoying the wall heater with me. After only a short while, she checked me and I was a 6, so far so good. The contractions hadn't been too bad to get me there. 
 After she confirmed the 6, she got the tub ready for me. 
 I had to call my friend who had Londyn and see how she was doing. Londyn did great for her first time at a babysitters. She took her nap really well at their house and she had lots of fun. I missed her lots though!!
 Frou Wagner is getting the tub ready and Sam is SUPER excited about it! :)
 Like I said the Frou is very efficient and doesn't waste time. Even though I was on the phone, she started undressing me and moving things right along. 
 I had to get my hair pulled up cause it was bath time. Contractions had continued to get a bit stronger and stronger and I was getting a little nervous for delivery! 
 I probably wasn't much in the mood for this pic. My mom took pics throughout the entire thing and during some pretty hard contractions I could hear the flash going and I almost wanted to ask her to stop. But, I am glad I didn't.  After a bit in the tub, she checked me and I was a 7. After that she broke my water (which hurt pretty bad) and then I knew it would go fast and hurt pretty bad from there on out.
 RIGHT in the middle of a TOUGH contraction. Sam was sweet through the whole thing, of course. 
 Another hard one. Frou Wagner would rub my lower back and shoulders. She seemed to know just how to help me get through the contractions. There was an intern in the room with us the whole time. I think she thought the whole thing was quite pleasant. I remember her smiling the whole time, having normal conversation with the Frau and I felt like they should be really serious like I was. ugh! 
 The most painful contractions were when I had to turn on my side and lay in this weird position. It helped to straighten the baby out so he was in a better position to come out. 
I was literally about to pop out a baby in this pic. I think he came a few minutes later. Sam is smiling?! I was having the urge to push and I couldn't stop it. Frou Wagner kept asking me to stop pushing, she was trying to get a hold of the doctor and of course he missed the whole thing. But more on that later. 

I am heading to bed and I will finish posting on the delivery tomorrow. You know what they say, "sleep when the baby sleeps..." and that would be now. 


  1. I'm dying for more!!! You're my hero!!!!!

  2. Alexis, I'm so glad you were with Frau Wagner! That woman is AMAZING! I had Seth there with her too and it was the best childbirth experience. You are such a trooper for doing the water birth!
    So glad your little Trip is finally here. Babies born in Germany are definitely awesome! ;-)

  3. LOVE THESE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all the info. J is having me read him EVERY word. OVER & OVER. He says:

    dear lex, i love you. give me a present. dear darling, (is that weird mom?) wait, no let me tell you. Dear lex, i love everything. Five, I'm turning 5. I love donuts. I love you lex, and the baby.


    jfcnuhguiwkdqv cgtuy5k6i4ew jett44567890000987654321 cvvvvvvvvvybujh

  4. Congratulations Lex!!! You are amazingly strong!! Your family is so adorable!

  5. thank you sooo much for all these details!! you are amazing and i can't wait to hear more!! why do you loook so pretty while giving birth?!?!? congrats to your new family of four!!!

    love you!


  6. Yes! I am SOOO happy to have all these amazing details because I haven't been able to talk to you yet! I love seeing the birthing center, it's so cool! And so wonderful you were able to walk around with the pit! I'm so proud of you! Now rest, rest rest...and then call me!

  7. Congratulations!!!!! You are amazing! You are just gorgeously glowing in all of these. I sure miss you! -Janvier

  8. Lex - Oh my gosh, cant tell you oh happy I am to find your blog! You are my hero! That birthing story, you go girl! Killin it at childbirth! so happy for your fam! miss you xoxo