Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know it has been forever since I have blogged! I think it is because I don't have much to blog about these days. We haven't been traveling or doing much and we also haven't had a baby!! But we have a few updates so here it goes...

Londyn looks quite gorgeous in this picture. Sometimes it is necessary to post the "not so cute" pics of the baby because they are hilarious! For those of you that didn't quite believe that she has a full mouth of teeth.. here is proof. For the last couple of months now she has had her complete set of teeth on top and bottom. My mom is here visiting and I think it took seeing to believe all the large teeth for my mom. She couldn't quite believe her smile for the first few days. This pic is after munching on a chocolate donut from one of the German bakeries near our house. 
Here I am. Large and pregnant. I m probably a little bit bigger now (Eeeek!) cause this pic was from last week. I am dilated to FOUR centimeters in this pic. 
Two weeks ago we put up our tree. Londyn oohed and aahed at the tree, it's decorations and of course the lights! Here she is in her frumpy church outfit "smiling" for the pic.  
We hadn't taken a bath shot in a while, so we snagged one.
Like I said, my mom came to visit! She has been here for about 5 days now. It is so great to have her. She is working on getting over the jet lag still, but doing pretty well. Londyn loves her and I know as soon as the babe comes we will be especially grateful to have some help. 
 Sam is especially good looking these days. Still has the stache. He actually got me an amazing gift and I opened it the other night. He got me a new really nice lens for our camera. It zooms in crazy close and from very far away I was able to capture these close-ups of his face and mustache. He also got me a great new canon bag that holds the camera and both lenses. There's room for other trinkets like our flip and small camera too. He says it is my "having a baby" present. Such a sweet husband. Love him. 
His pretty smile.

So, last but not least. I have been dilated to a four for about 11 days. Tonight at my doc appointment I was closer to five. The doctor has been worried about me delivering too fast, so he suggested I meet with the midwife in the morning. So, I will be meeting with her tomorrow and hopefully will have some more news to blog about shortly! 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We have had two amazing Thanksgiving dinners already... and we are looking forward to a third this week. 


  1. ahhhh!!! you are so close!! those teeth kill me!! poor wyatt has only 6!!

  2. We're breaking gums on our 8th. Slowpoke. Molars are swollen though. If I rub I can feel an actual tooth.

    She's gorgeous.

    MIMI & L are twins. That pic makes me want to cry.

    Sam also makes me want to cry. A "having a baby" present. He's so perfect. You guys are a match made in heaven. LUCKY. So happy. Can't wait for more.