Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

If it were up to me I wouldn't even really be thinking about Halloween anymore. I LOVE the Holiday, but I am so consumed in Christmas music and the Christmas season that Halloween sometimes just passes by without enough attention. Especially by November 1st... it is totally, legitimately the Christmas season, in my opinion.

But... my adorable and amazing sister, Courtni, called on Halloween night to wish us a Happy Halloween and she was so enthusiastic about wanting to see pics of Londyn dressed up. She thought I would have already had a blog post up and everything. Well... I am ashamed to admit that since they don't celebrate Halloween here, I sort of just decided she didn't need a real costume. On Saturday night we had trunk-or-treat, chili cook off and desserts galore for church. (Thank goodness for that!) Londyn wore an adorable Halloween shirt that my parents sent her with some orange fairy wings. So, she was kind of like a Halloween fairy. Then on actual Halloween we had a fun little dinner party with our friends and their baby. Londyn wore another super cute Halloween shirt sent by Courtni and her family. 

Anyways, after her call, I decided to dress Londyn up and take some pictures of her. I did it yesterday on November 1st (The day I usually put up my Christmas tree). To my surprise, I was taking pictures of Londyn in her "Halloween costume" in November. (But, don't worry, the Christmas music was playing in the background.)

Here are the pics... just for you Court!! 

On actual Halloween. Londyn and Carter. Little Buddies.

 Londyn now thinks that taking pictures is a game. I literally have to chase her around the room while she laughs, falls all over the place and thinks it is all really funny! 
She is wearing a little fairy princess type of costume. Whatever it is supposed to be, I think it's so cute on her. And this is one of my favorite pictures. She is so hilarious.

Had to pull out some props to try and keep her busy.

 So glad I did, though, cause I love her ultra interested expression in this one. 
 I can't blame her. The pearls are soo enticing. She probably thought they were candy.

How adorable is she? I love her facial expressions. I can hardly get enough pictures of them. I don't ever want to forget the wonderment in her eyes. The excitement of seeing nearly anything and everything. Her most used word is "WOW!" And her eyes get all big and her mouth is in a perfect circle. 
 This pic captures her lanky arms.
Yesterday Londyn was playing with the diaper bag and she grabbed my little mini bath and body works hand sanitizer, played with it for a second then vigorously scrubbed her hands together. It was so cute and so random. The things they catch on to crack me up. I never realized she was paying attention when I was sanitizing my hands! 

I am not sure I put enough pics of her in the same outfit, doing the same thing. But I thought they were all so cute. How can you blame me... a mother totally in love with her little girl. I think Londyn is just an angel in disguise. I am not sure what I have coming for me... either with the little guy in my tummy or when she hits her awkward little girl years... or worse the teenage years. Eek!! Time will tell.


  1. She looks SOOO CUTE! I love the little dress! I really need you to bring her to me.


  2. AHHHH Shaun says: "She looks just like a mini lex." She does. She's beautiful. Precious. Hilarious. Fireball. Amazing. So sad about her sleeping poorly after Sam's absence. ROUGH. Crazy.

    Now go get some jingle bells!