Sunday, November 6, 2011

Big girl clothes, staches and our Green Smoothie!

The blender before I blended my green smoothie this morning. Some of you already saw it on facebook but I discovered that I LOVE ginger in my green smoothies. I love these smoothies anyways, but ginger is such a different and yummy taste. This particular smoothie is:

1 banana
2 very large handfuls of spinach
4 frozen strawberries
1/2 cup of OJ
...and some apple peel from the apple I peeled for Londyn this morning (I'm like a garbage disposal, if it is laying around I figure I might as well eat it, and not waste it!)

I love how green it is. It is so vibrant! These smoothies make me so happy! 

Sam and Londyn left me home from church today! I have now been told from three different doctors/midwives to "rest!" Lay down, don't do a lot, take magnesium, black tea, rusk, and cola?! (Haven't done any of that!) So, last night after more intense cramping and contractions, Sam told me he would take Londyn to church and I needed to stay in bed the whole time! I have gotten so much done having both of them gone... and I've even been resting most the time. Turns out things take like a million times longer when you have a little one year old running around the house! 

So the real update on the pregnancy:
Last week the little guy was 19.5 inches and 5.5 lbs.
The doctor found I was now about 1 cm dilated and being only 35 1/2 wks pregnant she seemed really concerned. 
After two days of feeling like he wasn't moving as much we went to the hospital yesterday and met the non-English speaking midwife and two of the doctors (nobody spoke English)! So, after they monitored me for 30 mins and read through my history they pulled out the German to English dictionary and between the 3 of them they told me to lay down, rest, eat rusk, drink black tea and cola. I have no idea why I am supposed to eat those things, and I am actually not going to, but I have been resting more than usual. 
Things are very confusing around here because I have had 3 due dates and part of me wonders if I am farther along than they think I am. According to the date of my last period I am 38 weeks, according to my adjusted due date I am 36. So, maybe it is not that weird that my body is clearly getting ready to have a baby. PLUS I actually lost weight at my last doctors appt. and I haven't really gained anything for the last couple of weeks. Which is actually common in the last few weeks of pregnancy and not a bad thing.

So... that is the best update I can give. We could be having a baby soon or it could be a few more weeks.

Couldn't do a blog post without pics!  
Londyn in her big girl outfit.

I figured out a new solution to my persistent problem of Londyn's bangs always in her eyes. She won't keep her hair bands in very well, and definitely not flowers or clips or headbands either. I did this little braid and hair sprayed it into place with no hair band. It stayed most the day and even through a nap. (It is only shiny and wet looking in this pic, because I used water to make her hair more manageable and it hadn't dried yet. I did not make her a helmet head with hairspray.)  

When you ask Londyn how big she is, she throws her arms up over her head and gets very excited. (A little something her daddy taught her!) 

She still claps.

She loves her shoes and always gets them out of her drawer and brings them to me or Sam so we will put them on her.

Or she attempts to put them on herself. 

I love watching her walk around the house with her favorite shoes. I also love that she loves to wear them. 

Here she is with her big girl outfit complete. Love her. 

Here are Sam and Londyn heading off to church this morning. Doesn't he look so different with his stache? haha... he says he can't handle it much longer so I told him we would have to get some good pics just incase he decided to shave it. He is quite proud because it is a thick, real man's mustache. 


  1. Sooo excited to see that baby boy! I bet you're like 40 weeks prego, ha!
    Good luck!!

  2. lex!! i can't believe you are almost going to have this babe! i'm so jealous!! ahhhh! also, wyatt does the same exact thing with his shoes! he loves getting them and bringing them to me saying "shoooe shoooe" and will sit there so intently trying to put them on. its hilarious. i can't wait to hear how things go, keep me posted! love you!

  3. i can't believe you're going to have another baby so soon! i'm so flipping excited. we need to try for a phone date before the baby comes..because you know once he's here it will be a little bit busier:) love you mucho!

  4. What I was most concerned about in this blog post was how L's braid was SO hair-sprayed and helmet-like. I was just sick. I kept zooming in and wondering how you got her to hold still for all that schlack. Poor little darling. Auntie coco will give you a nice warm shampoo and wash away all the...
    Oh, it's just water. PHEW.
    OK, you are totally like overdue. So have the little baby, learn German tonight, like I've been counseling, so you can yell SHUTUP in German. You're such a champ. Going to be an amazing and slippery birth.
    ALSO, I like how your green smoothies are GREEN. I add garbage disposal items until mine is NOT. Like, 2 cups of blueberries, 5 apple sized strawberries, carrots, pineapple for sure. So sweet. You're so brave. I bet your greenies are WARM. Barf. OK, so hopefully my box of diapers and boob pads makes it before baby boy. It shipped a week ago. LOOK OUT. Boobie pads flying over the pond.