Saturday, October 8, 2011

What's she been up to?

Most of these pics are pretty old now! But, Londyn is into everything... I mean everything! Especially as I have been unpacking the house and getting everything in order, she has been undoing EVERYTHING I do. I thought about taking some pics of the messes she has made in the last week, but then I was too tired just thinking about getting the camera out! (You know you have a problem when you are too tired to get the camera out.)

She loves chap stick. She devoured my favorite one, and I have yet to replace it! I don't blame her though, because it smells so yummy and maybe it tasted that yummy too! 

She loves to reorganize the cupboards. She will take all the baby food from one shelf and put it on another. She also throws lots of things away. I have to go through the trash at night to make sure nothing valuable is in there. I realized about a week ago that my gold fleck and pearl candy sprinkles are no where to be found. I am sure they got dumped and I am so sad!!

 Londyn (as most babies) loves the toilet paper roll. Most often I do not let her sit and make a mess with it. This is the only time I let her sit for quite a while and play with the TP and that is probably because we were at a hotel. I don't want her to get in the habit of doing it at our house. 
 She used to love to crawl in and out of the door out to the balcony. She is walking everywhere now and it is quite cold out, so I have been keeping the door shut. 

Her "thrown," as we call it, is this mini tramp. She is in love and obsessed with sitting on it. She will sit on it and whine for her balls... and if she's lucky we will gather all of them from around the room and put them around her. She will throw them all and the process repeats. She will sit on this thing forever and just hang out. It cracks us up! 

More "thrown" activities. She made "sprinkle soup" the other day and it kept her busy for probably an hour or so. (No exaggeration!) She stirred the sprinkles and picked up little individual sprinkles to eat them. 

a pic of me and my little princess. Yes I am huge and prego and this pic was almost three weeks ago.. ugh!!)
still 9.17.11 at a yummy Greek restaurant
 She hangs out with these two guys. Carter is her little friend who she gets to see quite often. Dad, on the  other hand she is missing right now... Can't wait for a few more weeks to go by. We want him home!!
Since she loved the sprinkle soup so much we expanded it to sprinkle and goldfish soup. This soup made quite a mess, but she had a blast cooking it! 

(She has the teeth and she knows how to use them!)

Londyn eats her crib. It isn't so much biting or just gnawing, it is full chunks taken out of the railing. We think it is hilarious, and probably shouldn't egg it on, but oh well! When I came in to get her after a nap one day this is what I found... a happy, giggly girl covered in brown paint just enjoying a good snack. The problem continues to get worse... she just keeps eating and eating the railing... before we know it, she may chew through the whole bar! 

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