Monday, October 10, 2011

Viewer Discretion Advised

I was all ready for bed.. found one of the most comfy (and most ugly) shirts I could find and was just about to crawl in bed when I decided it was the perfect time for a photo shoot. The house was quiet, I still don't have a husband and so I could really focus on getting a good shot of myself... like a really good shot. So, I popped my retainer out (yes I still wear it) and snapped a few pics.

See, last tuesday I was 31 weeks. I was supposed to get looking good (which never happens), put on a nice outfit, actually do my hair (or at least brush it) and even put on a little makeup (none of which ever happens these days)... and take a prego pic. 31 weeks came and went and then 32 weeks became the goal. I mean, I really need to capture the growth of this pregnancy, because I haven't been very good about it. Tomorrow marks 32 weeks (only 56 days left!!!!!). And here I am getting my job done one day early. I took my photos, and I'm posting them. Now I don't have to do it tomorrow. It feels fab.
These pictures are a good description of how I feel these days. TIRED, oh so tired, sick of being alone (I'm being a big baby), generally very large and unattractive. Basically just pregnant. 

This shirt was something I bought for my sis Court when she was pregnant with her first. I don't even know if she remembers I got it for her. She was nice enough to send me a box full of maternity clothes and this perfect little gem was in the box. 

Two nights ago I had some painful contractions that started out feeling like really bad cramps then moved into full on contractions about every 5 minutes... for TWO and a half HOURS! I was a mess. Alone (of course), didn't know who I would call if they didn't stop, what I would do with Londyn... how I would get a hold of Sam, etc. So, the contractions subsided and I finally fell asleep at a 90 degree angle, with big tears all over my six pillows (thanks acid reflux). But, I now have all the numbers in my phone (krankenhaus/hospital, midwife, Sam's commander, etc). I have an overnight bag packed for Londyn and my bag is almost packed. Now that I am ready, I will probably have this little guy two weeks late. No, but really if I have anything to do with it he will be out no later than 7 weeks from now. That's the goal.

The reason why I am in such a good mood (You have to be in a good mood to put pics like those on the world wide web) is because I talked to my mom for three hours tonight! It was much needed and so great. Then I accidentally made mini German pancakes for dinner. Ever heard of "popovers?" I made them thinking they were little dinner rolls or something of the sort. (I need to find a good dinner roll recipe for TG, so I decided to start trying some out.) "Popovers," from the Williams Sonoma bread cookbook are like little mini German pancakes made in muffin tins. Amazing. I love German pancakes and I think I found my new recipe for them. Londyn loved them too. 

It's 10:48... about 2 hours past my bedtime. I think I typed so much cause I am just too tired to think about what I am saying.


  1. YES! You're AMAZING. I miss you SO much. You are SO HOT right now. Which is why I sent that shirt. It's a cheer up shirt, and it's huge, soft, and a mess. OF COURSE I remember you gave it to me! Hilarious. Popovers sound great. Hate that you're alone for so long. Was saying prayers for you guys today and was just trying to imagine where in the world uncle s is. Can't wait for him to get home to you little ladies. Now stop putting personal info and stuff on this unprotected blog. Giving me a hernia. xoxoxox

  2. You are still beautiful even in that gem of a shirt and I love all the personal stuff! It's good to get it all out in the open sometimes. I always feel better after venting on the blog. ;)