Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a random update

One day this week I got dressed! I thought I would take a couple pics, and show my friends and family back home that I still sometimes wear real clothes and even brush my hair. I lived without a full size brush for almost six months! I used my small travel one and my hair never had so many knots. Funny thing is, since our stuff FINALLY came three weeks ago, I've only used my big brush once. 

Sam had "family day" this weekend. On sunday we were able to drive to where he is and hang out with him for about 4 hours. It was so amazing to see him. He even has an impressive mustache right now. Not his best look, but he is still so cute. I kept seeing the cutest moments between him and londyn, and kept not having the camera ready. She loved to lay her head on his shoulder, it was so cute. Needless to say, I didn't get any pics. :( (Or else they would be on here!) I made him these super yummy sugar cookies. I also made up a new recipe and adapted my fav sugar cookie recipe to include pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon cream cheese frosting. They were pretty tasty. I also learned to make sushi and brought that to sam as well. He loves it and I thought it would be a nice change to the same old crap he's been eating for the last couple of weeks. 

Here are a few shots of Londyn in her play area at home. She has two places in the house where I keep her toys, but this is her main one. It is so nice. Ever since I set this area up she has LOVED it. She will be entertained pulling books off the shelf, going through them and playing with her toys for a surprisingly long time. I think she really likes having her own little space. 

Last week Londyn's big car seat came in the mail. SO exciting. I love having her front facing. She loves it too. And she also loves her feet. If it's not the right, it's the left. She's been a toe sucker and biter since she was a tinsy little babe. She also loves to eat diapers and shoes. Go figure. 

A few things on Londyn lately...

For the last few months now londyn has definitely known what "changing her diaper means." For the last few weeks now she has learned that if I say "let's go change your diaper,"
 she can just crawl or walk away from me and buy herself a little more time without having to go get it changed. BUT, last week she was playing contently by my side and when I said, "Let's go change your diaper," She shook her head and got away from me as fast as she could. It made me laugh.  

She plays peekaboo every chance she gets. She will duck ever so slowly and pop up (slowly as well) from anywhere. Her crib, the dining room chair, the couch... you name it and she will start a game. It is funny to see her crouch and peer at me through the slats of her crib, and then pop up and look at me over the top and think it is so funny! 

She loves her baths a lot lately. No matter what she is playing I can say, "Want to go take a bath?" and she will grin and put her arms out because she LOVEs the bath. 

The other day me and Londyn were playing on the bathroom floor with her bath toys and I asked her, "Do you want to go on a walk with mom?" She pulled herself up into the standing position, reached down and took my hand and walked me through the house. I loved it so much that I asked again about 20 mins. later and she did the same thing... walked me all the way down the hallway.
Londyn has grown so much! She has so much personality it blows me away. I love every little thing about her. Tonight I didn't want to put her down for bed because she was being so much fun. She gets in these hyper, funny moods sometimes where she is so playful and laughs so hard. I am in love with that child. She is walking all over. She was standing there so cute, smiling for the picture on the left and then right as I snapped it she practically sprinted past me. Gotta love iphones cause the pictures turn out so blurry and weird looking sometimes. 
I made those delectable little double chocolate cookies with m&ms two sundays ago for my primary class. Londyn loved them. I thought this pic was too cute. I froze the leftovers (I have never frozen cookies before) and brought the rest for sam on Sunday, they froze pretty well. Kind of a good idea.  You can have yummy homemade cookies whenever you want! All you have to do is pull them out of the  freezer....

Speaking of the freezer, I have our Thanksgiving green bean casserole already made and in the freezer (a by scratch one). I also have the ingredients to make our apple pie, and I am going to freeze that too. I am planning on doing a few more dishes as well so we are not so overwhelmed on TG day. I have never made TG dinner before and if I haven't already had the baby, I will be soo tired after cooking just a couple of dishes, that I know I won't last through cooking a whole TG dinner in one day. I also ordered our Christmas cards last week. I am really on top of things these days. 


  1. 1. your blogs looks super cute!
    2. Londyn is AMAZING and sooo beautiful
    3. you looooook FAB gorgeous and so hot!

    let's have a chat soon!

  2. You look so pretty. It's got to be so hard to be pregnant while chasing around a little one (even one as cute as Londyn!) while your husband is gone while you are in a foreign country!!! You are a trooper and your positive attitude is inspiring. I gave up on makeup, hair, getting dressed the last couple of months while pregnant with Josie as well. It was just hard enough to get through the day!! I hope you are doing well and feeling as good as possible. I can't wait to see what you're adorable little boy looks like!

  3. Lex you look amazing! I felt the same way as sara when I was reading this... you are a trooper! Londyn is so dang cute and I can't wait to see pictures of the new little guy when he's born!!

  4. I love reading all your updates! Londyn is getting so big...it goes by so fast!! You are an amazing pregnant woman. :) Any names for your boy yet?? I loved being so close in age to my little brother...they will be best friends.

  5. lex you are looking so amazing!! seriously. i miss you so much and miss that baby of yours! i love your updates and it's so good to see londyn growing up. miss you so much! we have to have a phone date soon. i have the fireplace on, christmas records playing, and pumpkins on my counters...where are you?

  6. i loved this post for many reasons. #1: i feel like i know exactly what you're feeling right about now. londyn is about the same age as goldie was when i was that pregnant with annie. i remember soaking goldie up like it was my last day with her.. laughing, not wanting to put her to sleep, being completely obsessed with her. it's so fun. it gets even more fun when baby 2 comes.. londyn will be the best big sister. #2: i love that you are planning ahead for thanksgiving! such an inspiration. and so smart! sometimes i wish i lived in germany so we could hang out. #3: you really look awesome. i hope you're feeling alright. #4: way to be on top of things. SO IMPRESSED.

    much love, friend.

  7. YOU are the cutest prego girl I've ever seen! My goodness. Send a little bit of that my way. I just got huge and puffy. Those cookies look delish! xoxo