Monday, October 3, 2011

12 month beauty

She turned one! Where does the time go?!

I cannot tell you how nice it is to have my laptop back! The charger quit working (I am thinking I have the European outlets to thank). In hopes that I wouldn't have to buy a whole new charger, I ordered just one small piece, replaced that and it still didn't work, so then I had to order a new charger. All in all I was laptop-less for a couple weeks. I used Sam's for some stuff, but it's just not the same, and it always seemed to make everything take longer.

As a mother you really want to capture every little face and every little thing your child does. So, although many of these look the same to others, to me, as her mother, they are all so unique in their own way. I am so glad we will have these memories to cherish forever.

Things have been BUSY around here. We finally got all of our stuff. After not seeing it for almost 6 1/2  months, I am happy to report that I am typing in my very own bed. We have our comfy sectional and recliner/rocker that we love so much, which also happens to be Londyn's new favorite place to hang out. A good half of our stuff went straight to the attic (thanks to the no closet and no storage situation) and we are starting to feel like the house is close to finished.

Things will (hopefully) start to slow down a lot now because Sam just left for the "field" this morning and will be gone until October 27th. I am really bummed to have him gone. It has only been 15 hours and I already miss him way too much. Not having a husband come home at night is no fun at all. Londyn and I will be loners for the next few weeks and with the baby coming so soon, we won't be traveling a ton the next few months.

I took Londyn's 12 month pictures right around her first birthday and have been dying to post them. We got some super cute ones of her and some pretty great family shots too. I love these photos because they are taken at flower garden near our house here in Germany. They have these lovely little gardens all over around here where you can go pick flowers and pay for the ones you pick. It is all based on integrity because they leave an enclosed jar at the front. You drop your euro in on your way out.

(don't mind the lens cap in my back pocket.)


  1. I didn't even notice the lens cap until I read the caption. :P

  2. OMG Alexis...I found your blog off of Andreas and I just wanted to say hi! And oh my your baby girl is just beautiful! Hope you're doing well!

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    I think you'll like it! xoxoxo