Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yesterday's Fun & A Really Good Reminder

Just incase some of you were wondering what we did yesterday. 

 We watched Daddy fly over the house.
 Cut some fresh rosemary from our little rosemary bush.
 Spotted a perfect heart in the trees out our kitchen window. Can you see it? I don't know why, but this heart made me especially happy.
 Made my first ever "real" bread. It had to rise and everything. This is my dough after doubling in size in only one hour! Amazing.
 We watched the horsey go by our house on his walk. Londyn reached out to him the whole time.
The bread was a success. I ate half a loaf in one sitting. I have been wanting to make rosemary bread for quite some time. I was so excited to finally try, and even more excited it was edible after it came out of the oven.

Of course we had the Peach Monster incident.

Sam has been really sick the past few days and has been sleeping a lot... and taking way too much Nyquil. Shivers, aches, shakes, fever and more. Poor guy. Hope he gets better asap. Preferably by the weekend so he can play with me and Londyn again.

Today I read this blog, and it was a good reminder to enjoy every moment of life. Specifically this blog post on perspective is a really good one. It was a good reminder to not complain about the drawbacks of pregnancy or the fact that I live a million miles away from family and most friends. It was a good reminder to get my butt out the door and exercise and enjoy the sunny days when we have them. And a reminder to not get impatient when Londyn tries to roll over and escape during diaper changes, or wants to stick her stuffed animal (or any other object) in between her legs... right in her poopy diaper. My life is amazing, pretty much perfect. And I usually don't need to be reminded, but I am grateful for the reminder that came at just the right time. I will also be keeping Ruby Jane in my prayers. I really hope her donor comes along... and fast. As a mother I cannot imagine the trial this little family is going through.

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