Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle, Mallorca, Spain

This morning I was laying in bed and I realized I had forgotten to include some of our pictures in the Spain post. We went to a fabulous Italian restaurant right on the boardwalk looking out over the beach and the water. It was lovely. It was called "Welcome to the Jungle." No joke. They had large animals everywhere. The super nice host dragged this large bird all the way to Londyn so she could sit next to it. Hilarious! 

 Londyn was totally into the bird.
 The reason why I probably had these pictures on my mind is because I am pretty sure this is my favorite pic of the whole trip. It's a winner. Sam and Londyn look soo cute. I should've lightened it up a bit before I put it on here. Oh well!
We saw the lion and of course Londyn needed a pic next to it. Anything lion reminds us of Londyn's little twinner cousin, Lyon, who was born two days after her... and in fact today is his birthday. Happy birthday to our little Lyon that we miss so much!! 
Sam's photography skills. I am so glad we have this pic. Who wouldn't want a pic of a large, fake white gorilla?! Really, I am quite proud of his detail shot.
 The colors, the weather.. everything was perfect about this place!

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