Thursday, August 18, 2011

so much FUN!

 Not all babies are lucky enough to have so much fun eating loads and loads of Kix.

She is so HAPPY and having so much fun with her 5 colored balls. She loves them so much that we added a 6th muli-colored ball to the collection a couple days ago. This face she makes is HILARIOUS. 
 Indoor pool-- FUN! She would crawl in and out all on her own. So cute.

 Having a diaper rash was never so much fun! After three days of rash therapy I only cleaned up two poops and two pees. Pretty good, right? 

 Londyn loves riding with all the windows down, she gets so relaxed, it cracks me up! She also LOVES eating mallows so I got her the jumbo bag, just for fun.
 This is what I call fun... I got a large box of goodies this week in the mail from Love that site. 
 Sam got his amazing tennis racket bug zapper that we ordered off amazon. This guy is hilarious with his zapper. He keeps it by his bed, takes it when we go on walks and looks like a 12 year old boy throwing that thing around in the air. We tested the zapper on ourselves and it is a powerful little racket...  it seriously hurts! Londyn of course cannot get enough of her balls. She always wants to hold them all at once, but cannot get those little tinsy arms around all of them. 

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