Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sabbath day Slide

Today was a quiet and relaxing sabbath, as usual. After church Londyn went down for a nap, Sam made   Yakiniku (an amazing sweet asian meat dish served over rice), we ate til we were stuffed then took a sunday naps ourselves. We were able to take Londyn to the little playground on the property we live on and then we went on a relaxing walk around our beautiful town. The weather was perfect and we are looking forward to a full week of nice days with great weather. I love Sundays with my little fam.
 Londyn is having a hard time putting her feet in the grass. Left foot flying high as usual. Love her.

 Oh my, she LOVES the slide. Fearless as usual... she scoots herself all on her own til she starts sliding down. adorable.

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  1. Camille didn't like the grass for the longest time, but now she likes to crawl/walk around in it (as long as it's mowed short). She's so big! And that hair! I'm pretty sure she somehow stole all of Cash's hair, because he's hardly got any and she has a ton.