Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peach Monster

Londyn loves peaches soooo much! For the past week she has eaten at least one peach per day. Yesterday I cut the first half of her peach into chunks like I usually do. But, occasionally I will help her eat her fruit whole (bananas, peaches, apples, etc) So, I started helping her eat the second half and of course she REALLY wanted to do it all by herself. She turned into the peach monster after only a few short minutes of attempting to eat the peach all by herself.

It started out nice. 

 But quickly went downhill. She insists on rubbing EVERYTHING she eats in her hair. Including her toast (which I butter). Sometimes she looks like a serious grease ball. 

 Proof of one of her molars. I was so glad we caught that molar in this pic. The other one is on top and so hard to spot. 

My baby is so pretty even when she is a little monster.

I stripped her down and attempted to clean what I could with her shirt. 

 Who knows what caught her eye... probably the water bottle on the counter... or the trash can?!
 The peach monster required a midday bath... which almost never happens. She also had her very first towel turban. 

 After the bath, it was nap time. 
And then she was back into action and ready for errands. Bangs and all. 

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