Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mallorca, Spain

I've mentioned it a few times now, but we went to Mallorca, Spain and it was amazing. Worth a trip for sure.

airport.... we made it... yay!! We woke up at 12:15 am, left the house at 1 am, and our flight left at 4:40 am! 
twinner faces.. hilarious.
 How fun do these boats with slides look? I totally would've loved to rent one, but when we saw them we were on our way to board a boat that was taking us around the Island to the biggest open air market in Mallorca.
Lots of professional sand castle builders around these parts!
 a long line of people waiting to board the boats. Luckily that wasn't our line!
 my prince and little tiny princess
 a tired beauty
While we were on this boat ride (which was about an hour each way) I had one of those moments where I just couldn't believe I was just sitting there on a boat, in the Mediterranean Sea with a hunky husband, my perfect little babe and even one more little rugrat in my tummy. I felt like I just woke up, living this life that was just too good to be true! How do you find yourself in that position all of the sudden?! A few years ago, I would have never guessed I would be where I am now: living in Germany, traveling around and just being so blessed and lucky. 
 Londyn kept wanting to play with the "ball"
 Londyn was a needy child this trip... but she's just so cute that it doesn't bother me!
 We asked someone to take a pic of us on the boat... and this is what we got... a pic that looks like we took it ourselves.
 I love this pic because we are just in the middle of the sea with a big cliff behind us. So wild.
my love
i love these fisherman's nets 
 harbor where the boat dropped us off
 Sam felt right at home in these streets... they look just like Mexico, where he served his mission!
 my favorite shop. A total candy dream!
 We wanted to get at least one traditional Spanish meal while we were in Spain. So we found this really authentic beautiful little restaurant, right on the water. This is the Paella we ordered. It was yummy!
The restaurant was gorgeous. Right on the water!
family photo
 Bedtime in the hotel
hot day on the beach

 pool time and strawberry ice cream at the restaurant
 sleep position during one of her naps. So silly! I was afraid taking this pic would wake her up but she just kept right on sleeping.
5 am... waiting for our bus to take us to the air port from our hotel.
Vacation over :( But it was so fun! I love being with just my tiny fam on relaxing trips. Another memory for the book. 

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  1. I think our girls were twins separated at birth, ha. They sound so alike. Claire sleeps JUST like that...goes from sitting up, to flopping right over to sleep. Your vacay sounds great!