Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's her party!

Londyn had a birthday bash. We had so much fun and had so much support from friends and even a little bit of family out here. 

 Half way through the party I realized I had forgotten to take pictures of the food tables. :( The dessert table was still half standing, but the food table was nearly devoured. Sam made his salsa, his mom's amazing 7-layer bean dip recipe and he even did the veggie platter. We also had some warm queso dip. Our friend made pigs in a blanket and of course we had way too many chips. 
 I made crown sugar cookies...
 a verrry rich chocolate cake and a mini fresh strawberry cake (strawberry puree in both the cake and the frosting) and strawberry cupcakes. We had our little jars full of candy that people took home and that was about it! 
 family shot at the bash
 Londyn with so many nice supporters
 everybody singing to the little munchkin
 She looks so grown up in these pics. I love how her little mini layered cake turned out. Not to mention, the strawberry cake recipe was definitely something I will make again. So yummy!

 Once again, Londyn didn't really want to touch the cake until she had some silverware. She's such a proper little gal. She didn't have a bib and didn't make too much of a mess. 
 Feeding Grandpa some of her cake. 

 And feeding herself. She's actually getting cake into her mouth off that spoon. So funny! 

 Luckily, Irene, the landlord showed up the see Londyn and you can see just how happy it made her. Londyn gets sooo happy when she sees Irene. 

We specifically said NO PRESENTS! Well, apparently people don't listen. She got way too many presents. I felt like we were all spoiled! 

 a birthday snuggle
All the goodies. 

We are blessed to have so many friends here. We would have also like to have all our friends and family that are in the states come as well!!! But, the party couldn't have gone better. We feel like a lucky little bunch. And our angel deserves it, cause she is such a sweet, precious little lady. Thanks to everyone who made her birthday week amazing! 


  1. Happy Birthday to Londyn. Wish we could've been there. Looks like a blast. Your cakes and cookies are awesome! I'd love your strawberry cake recipe! Love you, girl.

  2. im loving these pics lex!! Londyn is absolutely gorgeous!! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. Oh what a cute party~!!!! Great job Lex! She is so darling. Jennae Tengberg and I are in the same ward in Phoenix now, and we of course realized we both knew you! Her littlest kind of looks like Londyn, they are both the cutest! We miss you here in the states!

  4. What a fun party! I want some of those recipes... The cake, guacamole, etc. You are the cutest family! I can't get over Londyn's beautiful blue eyes. She is a doll! I loved her birthday outfit and head band. I'm so excited you guys are expecting a boy. How exciting!

  5. this looks SO FUN! Gigi and I are so sad that we couldn't be there. We are also the tiniest bit jealous of londyns amazing hair...it's so cute! You look so good and we love you and I'm sorry I keep missing you! Can I call you on that number? I didn't know if it was a one way thing?!?!? LET'S CHAT!!!!