Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here's to our Health!

I sort of have a problem these days. I am always thinking about food! I decided to give up junk food for this WHOLE pregnancy... yeah I know, wishful thinking. BUT, I have done pretty well. I have had some junk here and there. And when I was feeling really sick when I first got to Germany I gave up on everything and ate whatever sounded good (since nothing ever sounded good)! But, for the last little while now, I have been back to eating much healthier and hardly ever slipping up! Because of that I want donuts everyday, boxes of Sees candy, ice cream, etc. But, I feel so much better when I am eating well. 

 I started a little while ago drinking these green smoothies. They are jam-packed with amazing things and the best part about them is if you are nursing or pregnant or just anemic they have lots of iron and lots of vitamin C to help break down the iron. I like them a lot. 
the Recipe:
1 large handful of spinach
1 banana
1 apple
1/4 cup water or 100% apple juice
From here you can add whatever you have on hand, I always add:
a handful of frozen strawberries (Vitamin C)
1 kiwi (more Vitamin C)
anything else I have that would be good (peaches, blueberries, mango, etc.)
I also add a few ice cubes because I like it extra cold and thick!

Ever thought of putting citrus in with your roast? This roast had the most delicious flavor to it. The recipe called for one whole orange and one whole lime. You juice the citrus over the roast and then you bake or cook the roast with the peels. It also called for an onion quartered. The onion was so soft and tender.. I kept sneaking pieces of plain onion! The recipe I used was actually for a pork roast but I just cut this into little pieces for Mexican tacos. 

I found the recipe on the cooks illustrated site. is such a good website! You have to pay an annual membership fee but they have a two week trial too. I just used the two week trial and waded through the recipes and saved the ones I wanted, then cancelled. I have so many cookbooks and there are so many good free websites out there so I didn't think I would use it enough... but it was worth taking the time to find some fun new recipes to try!

Today I wasn't sure what to make for lunch and then I had this great idea! It was soo yummy so I thought I would share it. I made a pizza that sort of tasted like a "California Club!"

1 piece whole wheat flat bread
spread mayo (just a little thin layer) all over the top
shredded cheese (I used plain cheddar)
little bits of ham ALL over (Carving Board- Oscar Meyer is thick and tastes like Easter ham!)
bake until slightly bubbly
After you take it out of the oven cover it with chunks of fresh tomato, avocado, salt and pepper

So easy and so GOOD!

Here's to our health... and filling our tummy with yummy food. 


  1. I put orange and apple slices inside the turkey at Thanksgiving when I roast it. Tastes awesome!