Friday, August 5, 2011

He has her Heart

This girl is a daddy's girl. She really loves that dad of hers! He has taught her all her "tricks." He is so patient and he works with her over and over again. Over the last while he has taught her kisses, eskimo kisses, "head bonks" (those are like kisses with your forehead), how to fold her arms for prayers, sit up, lay down, give us her "binker," get him a diaper when it's time to change her and I am probably missing lots. When he gets home from work she will crawl up to him and then crawl away because she wants him to chase her and come get her. She lights up when she sees him! 

All these eating/bib pictures crack me up. I ran to go get something and she had turned her bib around like a cape. She won't even keep bibs on anymore so it's a wonder we have so many bib pics. We will cherish these! :) 

 they always have such good times together
a little daddy/daughter cuddle

It isn't very often you get to see Londyn's mouth full of big, beautiful pearly whites. So, here is a special little peak. This girl has 8 regular teeth and two molars. The molar on the bottom is almost all the way broken through and the one on the top is trailing behind. She has been a trooper about getting these molars. 

Pool day in Neuendettelsau... same town we will be delivering baby #2 in. We love that little town and it's only about 10 minutes away. Londyn even looks big in these pictures with her 6' 3" daddy. She is growing way too fast! 

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